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is kicking Herself's butt. She simply can NOT get how to work things like: (a+1)2 (that's "squared"), or: (a+3b)2 - (a-3b)2. I've pulled out the white board and written them out step by step; I've had HER tell me what to write (and she worked it out - slowly! - but perfectly)....and she still says she doesn't get it. :sigh: She doesn't get why you rewrite it to read: (a+1)*(a+1), the rewrite it to read: a(a+1) + 1(a+1).....and we have a mini-meltdown over actually *multiplying* it out. :sigh: (it's a2+a+a+1 (since 1 squared is 1)...which works to a2 + 2a + 1. ) I am in fear of the next chapters, where we get into "hard" stuff.......

I've got her playing Dragonbox on the iPad - it's a cool app that teaches algebraic thinking. You start with a treasure box on one side of the screen, and pictures on the other; the goal is to get the box to be alone. It goes from the box, to the box + a picture, to a box + picture with other pictures on the bottom to match (light to dark zeros each other out...y'know, positive and negative? :lol:)..and so forth. It's fun - and it's not as easy as it sounds (I bombed the 3rd level, because I was so busy trying to get rid of the pictures that I forgot the goal was to get the box alone.)

Every few problems, your "dragon" grows - it starts as an egg, then slowly matures into a (really ugly, but whatever) creature. It's fun - and it's painless learning. Only....she can't quite make the leap from pictures to numbers. :sigh: (OH! It's out for Android, too! We have Dragonbox +, which has more problems to solve.)

Art is going to be fun this year - Himself is doing pastels, and Herself is doing watercolor. I asked if she wanted to do pastels too....nope. Ah, well - this is the last year of her planned Art classes; he'll be doing her 2 books in the next 2 years.

Ali, I have a box for you..but I need to get to the Post Office. Might not be until next week - my brakes are...bad. I really don't want to drive it unless I HAVE to....but I WILL get it out soon-ish. :grin:

Need to go check on the artists.....

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