Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I need a sweater...

because we're having a cold spell - it's only 90*!!!! I don't know how we'll survive...wait. It's 90*!!!!! /silly

Times like this I wish I lived near a lake or the sea......but a) I don't do hurricanes and b) none of the lake communities around here allow livestock. Ah, well - I love my place.

Got off work at 11:45 - it's easy to get 'er done when there's no mistakes! Got home at 12:45, and we hit the pool.......the water was COLD, but it was nice. Even if I am still shivering. :lol:

I finally got a new edition of the Texas Travel Guide - I'm going to use it to plan field trips this year. Or so I hope.....I don't do Facebook, so I don't have any groups like Anna does telling what's going on...this'll have to do. :nods:

Gotta go reboot the laundry.....and do some weaving. Or knitting...can't decide. Oh, yeah - I'm ticked at Kenzie - why? Because she ATE one of my Bluster Bay shuttles! Yes, it had fallen on the floor - it'd been there a couple of days; it was inside the loom, so I wasn't worried about it. Only, Ms. Kenzie sleeps under there; Saturday she apparently got the munchies. My lovely Mahogany bull-nosed shuttle is toast. :sigh: SG says he'll make me some new the meantime, I need to save up to buy a replacement. Stupid dog.......

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