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I need a sweater...


Previous Entry I need a sweater... Jul. 2nd, 2012 @ 02:06 pm Next Entry
because we're having a cold spell - it's only 90*!!!! I don't know how we'll survive...wait. It's 90*!!!!! /silly

Times like this I wish I lived near a lake or the sea......but a) I don't do hurricanes and b) none of the lake communities around here allow livestock. Ah, well - I love my place.

Got off work at 11:45 - it's easy to get 'er done when there's no mistakes! Got home at 12:45, and we hit the pool.......the water was COLD, but it was nice. Even if I am still shivering. :lol:

I finally got a new edition of the Texas Travel Guide - I'm going to use it to plan field trips this year. Or so I hope.....I don't do Facebook, so I don't have any groups like Anna does telling what's going on...this'll have to do. :nods:

Gotta go reboot the laundry.....and do some weaving. Or knitting...can't decide. Oh, yeah - I'm ticked at Kenzie - why? Because she ATE one of my Bluster Bay shuttles! Yes, it had fallen on the floor - it'd been there a couple of days; it was inside the loom, so I wasn't worried about it. Only, Ms. Kenzie sleeps under there; Saturday she apparently got the munchies. My lovely Mahogany bull-nosed shuttle is toast. :sigh: SG says he'll make me some new ones.....in the meantime, I need to save up to buy a replacement. Stupid dog.......

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spin a yarn
Date:July 3rd, 2012 01:24 pm (UTC)

aNNa says:

Well, we don't get hurricanes (and aren't even really in tornado alley, although the odd one comes along every few years), and our lakes are the size of seas. Also, did you know you can't go five miles in Michigan without hitting a lake? You're more than welcome up here in His Hand... ;)
(spin a yarn)
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