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Deep Thoughts...

Himself and I have been having an interesting, on-going conversation lately. It was sparked by a "Big Bang Theory" Season 2 episode (the one where Sheldon finds out his North Pole expedition experiment was tampered with, so he quits and runs home to Mommy, who is a parody of an East Texas Bible-banging Fundamentalist.)

Anyway....Himself wanted to know what *I* thought about evolution. I asked why. He said that evolution made sense, but he wasn't sure how it fit with the Bible. So.....

Go back to the very beginning. WHAT started the whole universe? Scientists say the big bang. OK...what caused the bang? Scientists don't know - they have all sorts of "out there" theories, but nothing that really makes sense.

So. What IF the big bang was started by God saying the Word? Well...that would work - but you have to accept that there IS a God. Right - but think about it. Do you think that a human eyeball - which is a VERY complex organ - could have just "magically" appeared - by random mutation; and could those random mutations have happened often enough to become non-random? That's kind of implausible - NOT impossible, I didn't say that! - just implausible.

But what about evolution? You either believe in Creation, or you believe in Evolution, right? Well....what IF God created everything (and I'm not going into how long it took Him - because, frankly, it doesn't matter to ME if it was 6 24-hour days, or if it was 6 million-year days. He did it, and THAT'S what matters. HE is God, and could easily have done it in 6 24-hour days.), then sort of stepped back and let evolution commence? I mean, I've SEEN evolution in action in my horse-breeding days. (Call it what you will - selective breeding, even if human-caused, is STILL evolution in an encapsulated form.)

We've been continuing this conversation for over a week now, off and on. I started thinking about it again last night when I got a new Homeschool catalogue.......I don't know WHY chrischun scientific folk are so het up over Creationism vs. Evolution - because, really, IF you truly believe, it ALL works. And doesn't invalidate the Bible at all. (And this is a WHOLE 'nother discussion...why do chrischun scientific folk so "in your face"? can make your point without pontificating and preaching to your audience - in fact, all the hot air turns *me* off. I like the Apologia Science books (the upper grades, anyway) because, while Dr. Wile IS chrischun, he gives a relatively balanced view of Science. His beliefs aren't imposed on you on every page (although he does insert them a bit....but he's not rabid against evolution; he presents a slightly-more-than-usual rational view.), and he's obviously a "real" scientist. The lower elementary books, however...:sigh: I don't need to be reminded of God's Glory in Every. Single. Paragraph. Especially not in an Astronomy book. (Although the Botany book is WORSE. :bigger sigh: The author's views actually detracted from the Science.....NOT a good thing.)

Anyway, it's been interesting. And it was all sparked from a silly sit-com! :lol:

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