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Music Lemming...

OK, so </a></b></a>itsjames2u hit me with this one...and me at work and not at home! Ah, well...let's see what I can do from here:

1) Total volume of music files on my computer?

None at work, surprisingly. Not sure exactly how many at the house, but at *least* 25 cd's worth. Maybe more - but I'm not done uploading them yet!

2) The last CD I bought was...

The Corsair's One for the Road. They have a new one does the Pyrates Royale. Hmmmmmmm.

3a) The last song I listened to before writing this was...

Julia Lane: Audio Track 05 - Tapestry IV - Gentlemen (Love RenRadio!)

3b) Song playing right now:

Minstrels of Mayhem: Gypsy Dance - Then

4) Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me.

Geez, only 5? This'll be hard....especially since we tend to listen to albums, not just songs.

Casey Sledge: The Unicorn. Casey is an awesome friend and has a great talent.

The Corsairs: Ummm....yeah. 'Nuf said. *g* (We are, right now, on a Pyrate kick. It's just about all we listen to in the car.) If I *have* to pick just 1, then their Gold Album, because all the songs are classics. Song? You want 1 song? OK....The Clean Song. Why? Because the song is absolutely clean. Maybe a bit dull....but clean.*eg* Besides, they're local. I get to see them every year at NTIF and Bedford. *eg*

Trout Fishing in America: When I Could Fly It reminds me of Steve.

Molly and the Tinker: Virtue It's silly, it's cute...and it's perfect for blondes to sing.

Brobdingnagian Bards: See Corsairs. *g* I guess the current Fiberaddict household favorite would be Jedi Drinking Test....for obvious reasons. (May the Force be with You! May 19 can NOT get here quick enough!)

Bear in mind, I've left out a lot of cool groups. Pyrates Royale, Crimson Pyrates, Blackmore's Night, Heather Alexander, Alasdair Frasier....the list could go on and on and on and on...*g* (And, </a></b></a>itsjames2u, the Bards sing a *lot* of Irish Drinking Songs! They're awesome, and they're based in Austin.)

5) Which five people are you passing this baton to, and why?

Hmmmm.....I don't normally pass this stuff on, so I'll keep it...but if anyone wants to respond, feel free!
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