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1. Anna, I'm willing to move, should He tell us we need to. I'm Texas born and bred, but the heat is getting to me! depends on SG's job - they DO move people, occasionally, but we'd have to be offered a comparable house/property situation, and be able to move all the critters. So....while I'm willing, I'm not holding my breath. (If that makes sense.)

2. We took SG's aunt to Ham's Orchard today. Peaches are in season - and they have like 40 varieties. We didn't buy peaches......we came home with strawberries, concord grape jam, muscadine cider, strawberry cider, fudge (in 5 of the *15* varieties they offered today!), and sour cream chicken enchilada casserole for dinner. :mmmmm: Oh, and pickled garlic and jalapeno-stuffed olives. Happy tummies today!

3. We also took her with us to buy replacement pullets. We came home with 12 - 2 each of Brahma, Silver-laced Wyandotte, Gold-laced Wyandotte, 2 red sex-link, 1 blue-laced Wyandotte (that...I think is just a blue Wyandotte, because I don't see any signs of lacing on her, but hey - she's pretty!), and 3 Americunas. We're going to go back in 2 months to get my blue-laced RED Wyandottes - they had *1* old enough to run with an established flock...but it was a roo. :sigh:

3a. While there, we got to see the Nigie/Pygmy cross goats they have. 1 kid was 24 hours old - the aunt LOVED that! It's weird, though.....they have like 30 goats, but they don't milk at all - and 2 of them had painful-looking udders. Full, tight, and almost dragging the ground. More milk than twins can drink in a day.....I...don't get it. At all. (And..they have 1500 chickens, but no egg-layers. They sell 'em as fast as they can...I don't really get *that*, either - if I have chickens, I'd better be getting something out of it; money isn't enough. Not with the amount of work that goes into factory-farming chickens from day-old to 2 month.) Again - if I have to put that much work into my goats, I'd better be getting some form of payout......selling kids won't cover her feed bills. (And the 2 goats? Had horns, so we couldn't have brought them home anyway. She didn't quite get that - but I do NOT do horns. I'm not going to risk my Nubian and Alpine udders - they're too valuable to me for that.)

4. Auntie and kids are outside planting stuff she brought with her. They're grumbling, but helping. (It's 94* and HOT out there - we had rain a bit this morning, which made it super-humid. Feels MUCH hotter than 94*. And no swimming while the Aunt is here - it would be rude, since she doesn't swim.)

5. I have 2 boxes that I need to close up and mail out. :sigh: I'll try to package them up tomorrow and go to the Post Office on Thursday.

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