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after my post last night, SG kept poking around on the shul's website. He read the FAQ, and decided that, OK, they're fine...then he clicked on Gallery...saw the parade photos (maybe from the 4th), and said "I don't like this. I don't believe that a church should Do This (join a parade with the US, Texas, and Israeli flag)". A few more clicks....came to one of the "rabbi" in a wife-beater - "I just don't like this guy." ? "I dunno. Just...a feeling."

I went to bed in a better frame of mind....but this morning, he's planning on calling the Rabbi of the shul in Dallas to see if he knows about the guy. :scratches head: I'm not sure what's going on, except that he told me this morning that HE needs to go to church. :sigh:

I get it - he's never been one to dig deep; he has always just sat and listened and accepted whatever the preacher told him. All the pagan stuff that churches do? Bother him - now - but not enough to cut all ties to organized religion. :bangs head: I get it - I DO! - but....

Look, I grew up a cradle-Lutheran. Dad is a retired Lutheran minister (yes, he went to Seminary! He's got papers! :lol:), and we were active in the church. Went thru 3 years of Confirmation classes (and actually learned about all the pagan influences, but...I was a good chrischun, and figured it didn't matter. Even though Scripture SAYS "do not mix the Holy and the profane" - I figured that the church had already figured things out, and everything was OK (hint: It's NOT. What part of "DO NOT" do they just not get?) Then I found Anna, and my eyes were opened and I started ASKING why.....which didn't end well. Or did, depending on your point of view. :wink:

He's.....he's STILL not digging deep. He says he wants to, so I dig up all the stuff that helped me, print it out/put it on his iPad......and he doesn't DO anything. We have *shelves* of books - and he hasn't cracked any of them (correction - he's opened 1; it's a Jewish commentary on the Torah. He's never made it past the 1st essay. In 3 years. :sigh:). He tries to tell me he just doesn't have the time....and yet, he has time to watch HOURS of YouTube videos on aquaponics. Or Beer-making. So....yeah. I've held off on starting TorahClass with the kids, because he wants to do it too....but I've had Genesis for almost a year - and we STILL haven't started it. (I'm going to just go ahead and schedule it - he can make time in his busy schedule to read it, if he really wants to. Trying to do it in the evenings - which I have offered, numerous times! - doesn't work, because he "Just wants to sit back and relax after work." Which = vegging on the couch in front of the TV. NOT doing a Torah study. Not even 1x/week. :sigh:)

I just.....don't feel comfortable about this. I don't know *why* - the reasons I posted last night don't really warrant my total disinclination of visiting. And - they offer Conversational Hebrew classes! ($75/family for 6 classes. Not bad.....but year 1 is 3 6-week segments. That's $225 for our family......and I can't quite figure out why they need to charge that much. No, it's not a LOT of money....but still.......I dunno. It just doesn't sit right, for some reason. Yes, they have the right to charge - I'm not disputing that. It's just.....the fact that first they say it's $75/family for the course, then in the small print you find out that it's $75 for each PORTION of the course.)

I'm trying to be supportive. I really am. But.....I *really* don't want to get involved with more false teaching. He's volunteered to go on his own....and I can't do that. He's not...alert?...enough to catch some of the more subtle falseness that's out there, and I don't want him to get involved with it. I also realize he's an adult, and needs to make his own decisions. :sigh:

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