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Random Mutterings...

of the fiberless fiberaddict. *sigh* My doctor sucks, he really does. Forbidding me the joys of fiber-fondling for *3*whole*months. Jerk.

I did, however, break the rules to finish spinning up the Shetland from Fire Ant Ranch. I am surprised - it hurt. A lot. This is strange, because I was ripping it out via the one-handed unsupported long draw, and my left hand did virtually nothing. *grumble*

I will be plunking it into the dyepot sometime this weekend, if all goes well. I have someone coming over to haul off a bunch of stuff on Saturday, and my wonderful, uncomparable in-laws are dropping by to pick Himself up for a week of unimagined joys and driving the grands crazy. Plus my dad usually comes over. And Herself and I will need to hit the grocery store. All in all, it should be a rather....interesting weekend.

I'm getting the itch to weave, so I guess I'll be setting up the warping reel soon. That wonderful reel I got off of Ebay? Turns out it's a Horizontal reel, not the more common vertical type. It's huge....I'm trying to visualize what I need to do to convert it to a vertical one - it takes up way too much room as is. Still nice - I can warp up to 40 yards (I think; might be 30) on it; my warping board is only 10 yards. Will I ever do 40 (or 30) yards? Probably not...but I *can*. *g*

Instead of Horsing around, I spent over an hour in the studio last night cleaning. It's still not perfect, but it's a lot better. You can walk on one side of the Swedish Behemoth now (I shouldn't talk about her like that......she's lovely and wonderful and I am still in love with her!) The other side is still all full...yarn and fleece and fiber and more yarn and more fleece and even more yarn......hopefully the garage will be clean enough soon that I can move some stuff out *there*. (In air-tight, rodent-proof containers, of course!) I want to be able to vacuum soon. I love my Dyson!

I need to mow the backyard...may try to do that tonight. The horse-assisted workout plan can wait one more day, yes? It *is* a bit muddy out right now...and our ground is "Crisco over Concrete". Very slick stuff! I'd rather let the horses alone instead of risking leg injuries.

Slowly working on the tam. I can only knit 10 stitches or so before the wrist mutinies. I have until June...think I'll get it done? I'm working on 188 stitches..and I'm 1" up from the ribbing. Won't start the decreases for 2 more inches. *sigh*

What do you think of the new icon? *g*
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