Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I love my husband, but...

sometimes he drives me crazy.

We didn't go to shul yesterday. Friday, he stated - again! - that he wanted to go. I said, fine, what time is the service? 9:30. OK. This is the shul in N. Dallas - a good hour away. So, we'll need to leave at 8:15. We have to milk at 7:00 - he said "You just don't want to go! It takes 30 minutes to milk!"....

And I said "Yes. BUT. That means I have 45 minutes to get the kids up, dressed, and fed, and us showered, dressed and fed and out the door." He jumped on me again, saying I just didn't want to go and was making stuff up....and I lost it. (BTW, the "correct" answer from him would have been "Yeah, that's kinda tight. Why don't we milk at 6 (or even 6:30) on Saturdays, that'd give us almost 2 hours to get ready?")

See, thing is, he is CONSTANTLY late. He is supposed to be at work at 7 AM....I'm lucky if I can get him out the door by 7. The alarm is set for 5:15 - he turns it off, I stretch, get up, get the shower going, wash my hair, yell at him to see if he's getting up....he usually does. After showering, I get dressed, turn on the laptop and the local news...he puts on his underwear and goes back to bed. At 6, I tell him it's time to get up, and start the waking up process with the kids. By 6:30, both kids are up....he's usually *not*. :sigh: His hours are 7 - 4; he usually works 8 - 4 with no lunch break. And complains about it.....:bangs head: AND he complains about the lack of breakfast - I've tried cooking for him, and get told that he doesn't have TIME to eat, so it gets wasted. I ended up buying him instant oatmeal for his office. :ick:

Weekends? I get up at 6, and head out at 7 to do morning stables. He *might* stumble out at 7:15.......maybe. It's no big deal - I can do it myself, but it takes me an hour instead of the 30 minutes it takes 2 or 3 people.

I told him to plan on going by himself, and I'd handle the chores. Upshot - No One went to shul yesterday (and he didn't get up until 7:30). Instead, we drug ourselves out of the house at 10 and headed to Tractor Supply for goat feeders. That's all we needed - feeders. Nothing else.

So, tell me WHY we came home with this:

Meet "Penny". It's TOTALLY SG's fault she's here. We walked in to TSC, and he pointed out the Pet Adoption set up. OK....I looked - "Oh! How cute!" and started to walk towards the back, where the animal feeders are. He said "Wait! Did you see......THAT?" pointing right at the small pen with this cute little brindle ball of puppyhood.

He KNOWS I love brindle coloring. He KNOWS I'm a sucker for puppy-breath. But. I cuddled her while he went to get the feeders. I was asking questions, trying to find a hook to NOT get her....and he came back and said "Well, what do you think?" I said (because I thought it would work) - "Well..the fee is $85, it includes spay, but I don't have my checkbook. Do you?" knowing that he'd left his at home as well. "Oh. No......I...guess we could go home, get it, and come back?" (I hope this was a ploy to leave without her...but knowing SG, it wasn't. He really would have gone home and come back for her, had I given him the slightest hint that I wouldn't mind another dog.)

The shelter worker totally disappointed me. "Well. IF you really want her, you can "foster" her this weekend. Where do you live? Oh! I can come pick her and the check up Monday morning, take her to the vet, and bring her back Monday afternoon!" :bangs head: :such a sucker:

So. She's made herself at home, has the bigger dogs confused, and already wormed her way into Himself's heart. (And mine and SG's, but WE don't count. :lol:) They say she's a Terrier mix.....I see a little pibble in her (Pit. aka "Staffordshire Terrier" for the "old" style), and possibly some boxer. (For the record, I am not afraid of Pits, and I don't dislike them. I dislike the owners that think it's fun to train them to be aggressive. This puppy? Isn't aggressive at all.) They also said she was about 1 year old....I don't think so. She still has puppy breath! And isn't fed puppy food, because the shelter feeds a mix of donated stuff - and they don't get a lot of puppy food in. She has the active cycle followed by the sudden *stop* and *crash* that is typical of puppies in the 3-5 month range. And she's housebroken - she figured out the pet door pretty quickly.

No, we didn't NEED another dog. I wasn't even looking - but it seems that she needed to come home with us. (She didn't even tear anything up last night! I hope I don't eat my words...but - so far - she's been a perfect house guest.)

I.....guess this is why we didn't go to shul yesterday? :lol: (And I'm happy she's here. Snips and she are bouncing around playing, Bree isn't sure what to make of her, but isn't upset, and Kenzie is terrified of her. Bailey - doesn't care. :lol:)

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