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Busy, busy, busy....

School took 4.5 hours today (a first!) because we have hit REAL math. Himself got his mind blown over factoring and expanding algebraic equations. It's the first time he's actually had to SHOW HIS WORK.....and he didn't like it. I handed him the medium-sized marker board and the markers, and turned him loose. I did have to take a large board and show the steps (using various colors, to show how to DO the multiplying), which he kept referring to. :heh: (We won't discuss Herself, who only gave a token effort in factoring algebraic fractions. :sigh:)

Penny is at the vet's, getting her puppy-maker removed. And hopefully getting de-ticked; this dog is the FIRST dog I've ever had that has an infestation. Seriously - we gave her a flea-and-tick bath after we got her home on Saturday. *I* thought I'd been thorough; I'd gotten her entire body, just not her head (didn't want to get soap in her eyes). 2 hours later, her ears were COVERED in tiny ticks. :shudder: We took her outside and gave her ANOTHER bath; this time we slathered 1/4 of the bottle of shampoo on every inch of her, except her nose. A few hours later, she jumped off the couch...and there were 20 ticks. :shudder: This AM, there were......:deep breath: over *100* on the bed she slept on, PLUS another 20 or so on the sofa. :big shudder: And she STILL had a bunch on her ears!!!!!!

The shelter volunteer was mortified - she said that they were supposed to have dipped her on Thursday, before the adoption event Saturday. I showed her Penny's ears....and she agreed that somehow, poor puppy hadn't been done. She was going to see if the vet would do something - because this? Is horrid and gross and bad.

The bed and all 3 couch slipcovers have been washed in HOT water, with a vinegar rinse. All the floors have been Dyson'd - multiple times. So far, the other dogs don't have any signs of being infested - we'd treated all of them about a month ago with the Frontline-clone our vet sells, so I'm hoping they're covered. All the rugs have been Resolve'd and Dyson'd.....they needed it anyway, but I hadn't planned on it until later.

Anyway. /freakout

My dining room is now virtually empty, and ready for new paint. The stuffed to the gills. I had been doing the moving 1 item at a time, and putting it UP as I went. Saturday, the kids (at SG's orders), hauled everything OUT of the dining room and dumped it in the studio. I spent the day (and part of yesterday) sorting and putting's not bad, now. The Science/Craft table has been re-discovered, but underneath is still cluttered. :sigh: It's almost to the point of not being able to do anything else, because I NEED more storage. Which SG wants to build, but hasn't had time.....ah, well. You can walk all around in it, and MOST of the stuff has a place, so I'm OK. Not happy, but OK.

All my needles have been sorted by size, and put in small flowerpots (from Wally-world at $1/each!). I'll still have to dig, a little, since I have 4 sizes in each pot, but it's better than what I had before (a vase with all of them stuffed in.) The DPN's have all been sorted into cases (mini-M&M tubes make GREAT DPN cases! So does toothbrush holders!), and put in their own pots (1 for sizes up to 5, and one for all the others.) All but the large DPN's are on 1 of the Ikea shelves (the other will go in the tack room, I think); the last pot is on my bookcase. (I don't usually use larger DPNs, but I have a bunch. :shrug:) The circs....are on a hook right now. Herself is going to crochet me a scarf to use to corral them (they make a "circular solution" that's sewn; I could sew one myself, but she can crochet one faster. So....why not?); that'll take care of the needle problem. I just have to figure out where to put the rest of the stuff.......

Need to work on that, I guess. Plus - it's about to rain! Praise God!!! If it does, that'll be 3 for 3 - we need it. Badly.

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