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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It rained, it poured...

but not for 40 days. Just a few hours. Still, we got 2.5" last night, in a HUGE thunder-boomer that rolled thru about 5:30. I could have done without the high winds, but we need the rain, so no complaints!

It's overcast again, and we have a 40% chance for more rain today. We'll see...I want to go swim, but I'd rather it rain. :nods:

Penny came home at 4:45. The vet sent us a dose of Frontline - I HATE using this type stuff, since I don't know what the chemicals are doing to the animal, but in her case it was a necessity. (She also came home with a deer tick under her ear. :sigh:) She was groggy and "drunk" last night, but is obviously feeling better today. And - we're down to *maybe* 15 seed ticks on her ears. (Probably less - I haven't actually counted them. I can SEE her fur, now!)

We also learned a few things. The shelter volunteer told us that she was brought in by Animal Control, and had been at the shelter for 2 months (and....she didn't say this, but it was the elephant in the room - Saturday was her last chance to get adopted. No *wonder* they didn't mind sending her home with us without payment! And without checking ID, to make sure we really did live where we said.) They also said she was "about 1 year old", and was a TerrierX.

Well...the vet says differently. HE says she was born on March 9 (which...implies she was an owner surrender, because how else would they have a DATE? Usually, they put "March '12", or whatever, to indicate that it's an estimated age.), and is a Rat Terrier. (I googled.....yup. Dead ringer!) She was dropped off at the shelter 5/10/ that part at least was true. She's had the first 2 rounds of puppy shots, and is now spayed.

And....she was scared when the lady took her yesterday morning. VERY depressed. When they got back, I ran out to get her - she was dopey, but tried her darnedest to wag her tail when she saw me. She spent the next 3 hours wobbling around the back yard. This AM? She's a TERROR. Every dog toy is on the porch, as is one of my dishtowels (she pulled it off the towel rack). She chewed up Himself's iPad charging cable (we have more...but he shouldn't have left it on the floor. And - no, she shouldn't have chewed it up. We're working on it.), and decided to "decorate" the studio - she found my demo basket, decided the blue roving looked stupid there, and strew it all over the floor (still in one piece - she simply grabbed the end and ran. :lol:)

She's also figured out that Bree, at least, won't challenge her on food. :snicker: Poor Bree - every morning, I put my cereal bowl down for her and Kenzie to empty (I don't like drinking milk that's had cereal in it, but I don't want to just toss it. So...the dogs get "breakfast".) Bree ran up this AM, started lapping....and little snot-head skittered up, in between her legs, and joined in. Bree snorted, looked at me mournfully, and backed off- which is AMAZING, because Bree won't do that for any other dog. (Bree got the leftover cherry cobbler, as well as my leftover lunch. She's a good girl!) She's already had a full day - being cute is tiring! - and is zonked out on the floor right now.

I hadn't planned on adding another dog. 4 is MORE than enough, right? But.....we couldn't leave her at TSC. (And.....for home protection, you really need at least 2. Thieves (around here, anyway), work in packs - 1 will isolate the dog in a room, by doing stuff outside the window, while the other(s) run to another entry point, break in, and shut the dog in that room. That way, they have the house to themselves while they ransack it. With 2 or more dogs, they can't do that - because at least 1 dog will run to investigate the noise of the other thief breaking in. (I was told this by police, as well as my BIL, who had this happen to him. His poor dog ended up locked in the living room for hours.....)(And.....our dogs are part of the family - it's why I had an extra-large pet door built into the house. For one, dogs will protect "their" territory - if they're never allowed inside, they won't protect the house, just the yard. And 2 - it's too damn HOT here to leave a dog outside for...well, at least 6 months out of the year. Sometimes I wish I COULD leave them outside.....:sigh:)

Anyway - so far, the dogs are getting along. Kenzie has left me a few bombs in the studio (yes, it's her. Yes, she KNOWS the studio is mine. No, she's not having accidents - this is deliberate.) - it has to do with Penny, because she hasn't done THAT for....months. :sigh: I'm out of Resolve...I tried baking soda and vinegar today, just need to vacuum it up. Hope it works.....

And I hope it rains again! May all y'all out there that need it get rain, too!

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