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Morning Walkies....

It's been lovely the past few mornings; not too hot, not too sticky, just right for a nice walk. We usually take a dog - today we rode bikes instead. (These photos are from the past few walks, not today.)

This is the view behind our front gate, down our street. We live right on a 90* curve that leads to a cul-de-sac. It's nice and peaceful here - and most folk have gardens or livestock.

Here's the view from the end of our street, looking back towards our house. It's about...I dunno, 1/4 mile? 1/2 mile? from our gate to the stop sign at the end of the street. Usually a pleasant walk, except when the neighbors' let their dogs out. (You can see Snip's rear there. She wouldn't stand still for a photo op! :lol:)

This is a shot down the "main" street that leads from town back into our area. Sparse houses, mostly pasture-land. VERY nice to walk/bike down (except for the yahoos that speed down the road; most of them DO slow down when they see us.)

I just love it out here - even with the heat. The mornings are nice; we have the smell of grass (and horses/cows), the smell of hot asphalt, the crickets and locusts are chirping, and the birds are usually singing. It's...well, it's country. I LOVE it - cities make me feel trapped. I need *space* - and we have it here. We also usually get some sort of nature lesson - yesterday, vultures were dining on...something. Not sure what - but it was sorta interesting to see what they'd left. And to try and identify the 3 types of vultures that were hunched over it. :ick: and :lol:

Also, homeschool peeps: some links for you -

Udacity - *free* online courses, look like college classes. We're going to be doing the Physics 101 course - maybe more, but that one for sure.

Stanford University's Free Courses

MIT's Open CourseWare - I've posted this before, but it's worth re-posting. :grin:

Also-also, I have Singapore Primary Math 5A/B and 6A/B, both with the workbooks and intensive practice books, plus Singapore's Discovering Mathematics 1A/B books and workbook. Anybody need 'em? We're done with them - we DO NOT write in our books, I photocopy the problems and the kids work them on paper or marker boards. I don't have the Home Instructor's Guides; haven't found that I need them (yet). We're working on DM 2A right now....I might have to break down and buy the Guide, because I am getting lost in factoring Algebraic fractions. (YouTube has helped, thankfully!) Drop me a line at my address ( go to my "about" page, and there's a link. :grin: Don't wanna post an email here.) and I'll be happy to drop them in the mail, next time I go to the Post Office (which...I REALLY need to do. :sigh:)

AND. :sigh: Mike has defaulted - he hasn't responded to the papers. The court worker said we'll still get a court date (sometime in September - they are backlogged); the judge will hear us and determine judgement then (but, if he doesn't show, we win by default.) Getting the $$$$ looks like it's going to be problematical.....:big sigh:

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