Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Hot.

It was in the mid-80's when we went walking this AM. Sticky. :ick: Supposed to be back in the triple-digits by this weekend...SO not looking forward to that!

Risky, Zoe and Rosa ate a little last night; more this AM. I think I've figured it out - our Feed Mill got shut down by OSHA (some of the findings I can see - you shouldn't run heavy machinery with *extension cords*, but 1 of the "big" ones was the catwalk. OSHA says it should be 24" wide. Thiers was 30". So....they got slapped with a HUGE fine....because the catwalk was too wide. ?????) and they are now just a storefront. We had very little warning - we went bought feed 2 weeks ago (we buy it every 2 weeks, because we can't haul a month's worth at a time - they still gave us the bulk discount), they had just had the inspection......but OSHA moves fast. :sigh: chance to transition to the new feed. And apparently it tastes differently enough that some of the goats won't eat it, and it's apparently different enough that it gave some goats tummy problems. :big sigh:

I've switched feeds mid-month before (when the horses got into the feed, for example - we had to make an emergency run to Tractor Supply; no chance to transition there, either!) and didn't have this is new. I had Herself mix horse feed into the rations - they had a stock of our Complete feed, so it's the same (this time), and the goats have eaten it before. That helped - Risky and Zoe both cleaned the pans and begged for more, and ALL the does were bashing their way to the feeders. We need to figure out something....I can't afford sick goats or the drop in milk.

Penny is something else. She figured out Wednesday (*2* days after surgery!) how to jump up on our bed (it's tall. BREE can't get up on it, because she can't quite coordinate her back legs well enough to jump that high. :lol:) she discovered that Hey! The People Bed is SOFT. And COMFY. And WARM!!! So, every night she jumps into bed with me while SG is feeding the other dogs (I feed her earlier by herself, to make sure she gets all of it). It's all right with just her and I....but when SG comes to bed, it's another story. She starts out at/on my feet...then slowly worms her way in between us, where she begins to every so slowly *Stretch* and *wiggle*.....and I end up on the edge of the bed. Little snot takes up 2 square feet! :lol: She's cute, though.....

Almost done with today's work assignment. Then I get to play with fabric! I have all the Passover placemat squares cut...just need to iron them, and start sewing them together. I'm still trying to figure out the corners (when I post photos, you'll understand....I'm trying something different with this set.)....we'll see how it goes.

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