Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Lets a list today....

because I got nothin'.

1. Anna, RYC: I really don't do a LOT to/for the critters. If you read DGI, well...I'm a slacker compared to a lot of those gals. I *do* supplement copper, because we are VERY deficient here, and copper helps the goats fight off worms. I don't worm as much as I probably should, because of the milk-withdrawal times. I don't do a lot of supplements.....I do stuff when they kid, and to the kids, but once they're weaned, it's mostly hands-off. I can't afford a lot of it, and.....I kinda think the more natural, the better (like with the dogs. Remember? :lol:) What I do is to make sure the milkers give me the healthiest milk possible....and I try to keep the kids up on their worm treatment so that they get a good start in life (to give me the best milk they can, when they hit the milk-line. :wink:)

2. Sasha: I got called out to the barn last night (I do the morning stables, SG usually does the evening) - her face was swollen from her jaw to her chin, on both sides, and it was kinda hard. After getting over my "CL! SHIT!!!!" reaction, I did some quick research, and gave her .5 cc/Banamine and 1.5 cc Bio-Mycin. This AM, she was almost normal - I think, because it was on both sides (poor thing looked like a chipmunk!) she got bit by something; we have Black Widows :blech: and :shudder: and scorpions out here; there's also icky, slithery things out at the neighbor's pond. I don't see any punctures, so who knows? I gave her another dose of both this AM, just to be safe. She was chowing down on the horse feed this AM, so I think she's doing better.

3. Remember the app I mentioned a while back? Dragonbox? Well, it paid for itself today! Herself hit the section on replacing the subject of an equation - which is EXACTLY what Dragonbox is all about! :whee: We still need to work on her math skills - her addition is usually, well, wrong - but she understood the concept. :happy dance:

4. I had the headache from HELL last night. It hit about 1:15 (while in the pool) and didn't go away until 5:45ish (after 2 Ibuprofen tablets. I itched all night, but the headache was gone!). I have 'ghost pain' today...:ugh:

5. Placemats. :sigh: I got all the border pieces cut and assembled, and yesterday I cut the quilted fabric for the placemats themselves. I measured, I cut....and thought that they were too long. So...I wacked off 2". Which would be PERFECT, if I'd been doing "normal" placemats...these, I *needed* that 2". :bangs head: Ah, well - these 6 will become my RH placemats, and on payday I'll pick up some more quilted fabric for the Passover ones. :sigh: Then I can figure out my Sukkot ones.....since YK is a fast day, I'm not doing any for it. :grin: Haven't decided about Purim yet....maybe I can find some Mardi-gras fabric? We'll see...

Gotta go grade Algebra papers. Have a great day!

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