Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I spent the morning

ironing all my linen napkins. It started innocently enough - I needed to iron the tablecloth. Himself is doing Algebra (STILL!), so I decided to iron tonight's napkins.....and the placemats. And the challah cover. Then, I decided what the heck, and pulled out ALL the linen napkins, and powered right thru them. When I started considering my other tablecloths, I need to go *overboard*, after all! :grin:

The shooting is a tragedy....but the reporters! :oi: We were watching NBC.....did the lady anchor just crawl out from under a rock? She asked - NUMEROUS times! - "Now, some of the people were in" :DOH: I guess she's never stood in line for a Trek Movie. Or Star Wars. :bangs head: (Yes, I dress up for SW, no, I don't for ST. Or other movies - but I can see going SteamPunk for the next Sherlock Holmes.......if the husband would let me. :grin:) It sounded like she wanted to....blame the cos-players or something, I don't even know. :sigh:

Herself bombed her Revision Exercise...she only "passed" because I gave partial credit for showing her work. (Because *Himself* needs to get in the habit of showing work, instead of trying to hold it all in his head. He KNOWS how to do this, but he makes errors because it's hard to hold all the parts in your head.....) :sigh: Her, I'm not too concerned about, because...let's face it, she's not on the fast-track to college. Algebra isn't important for her, y'know? Him, now......even if he DOESN'T go to college, he's capable of Algebra, and he needs to know how to do it correctly.

Not much going on - I've got 1 challah in the fridge, and another dough in the machine. Yes, we'll have 2 tonight; not so much because of Tradition, but because I'm tired of having NO bread for Saturday morning breakfast. I have Nutella, and I'd like to enjoy it (WHY did no one tell me about Nutella before? Seriously - WHY???? It's NUMMY.) Soon as Himself finishes his Revision Exercise, we'll go swim.....the table is ready for tonight, the kitchen is pretty much clean, dinner is planned (oven-fried chicken) I'm ready to kick back and relax.

Shabbat Shalom!

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