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Houston, we have a....


Previous Entry Houston, we have a.... Jul. 23rd, 2012 @ 09:03 am Next Entry
Dining Room! We spent ALL weekend working on this...and it's still not done. :sigh: I HATE paint companies......we are using Behr Premium Ultra Paint + Primer or whatever - supposedly the top-of-the-line Behr. "Covers in 1 coat" my foot! We had about .75 gallon left from the accent wall in the family room, and we bought a full gallon. The dining room is 12 x 12 (I think.....might be smaller, but it's no larger than that!), BUT. 1 wall has a 48" wide opening (for French Doors), another wall has a window in the middle, and the 3rd wall has the door going into the kitchen. So....there's really only 1 complete wall. We SHOULD have had plenty of paint - especially since we were painting OVER other paint, right?

No. We have 1/2 a wall yet to do, and we need to put yet another coat on the wall with the large opening. The other 2 walls? Took *4* coats. *4* :bangs head:


Here's a before picture, to refresh your memory of what I *had*, way back before Mike happened:

Crowded, yes - but you can at least see the light and the color of the walls. (The wall to the left of the photo is the one not finished, just so you know. :wink:)

Behold! The almost finished dining room:

Please forgive the ugly tablecloth and books - we're about to start school, and we're still using this as our everyday table. My kids....well, both of them are clumsy. I REALLY don't want stuff spilled on this table.....so, I cover it. :sigh: Eventually, SG will get his old table refinished (it's in the shop right now, and he has all the stuff he needs to strip it, sand it, and restain it.....he just needs to DO it.) and it'll go in the breakfast nook, and it'll be the Everyday/school table. This will be for Shabbat and Feasts and company. :nods: And will stay nekkid until we use it - to show off the lovely, lovely wood.

We still need 3 things (besides paint :lol:) - an oriental rug to go under the table, a new set of curtains, and a buffet-type thing to go in 1 corner to hold the wine/etc. (The last is SG's request. Right now the wine is in the kitchen, taking up cabinet space.) Curtains, I can handle - I'm thinking blue, to highlight the lovely wall art (from SG - not sure exactly where it came from, but it's lovely, and the red wall REALLY sets it off!); I found a rug on eBay that we might get - but SG wants to check local spots first. :shrug: The buffet......that's his job. He found one this weekend, but it wasn't for sale. :lol:

We have a nice chandelier that we were thinking about putting in here - it's old, and Austrian Crystal, and very ornate - but now we're not so sure. The original plan was it in here, and this light in the breakfast nook (to replace the OK but not that pretty one that came with the house.) Now, though.....both of us are thinking it might be a bit too "over the top" for this room. So...we're thinking. I still want to replace the nook one...so we'll see.

Oh! While we were out and about on Saturday, we hit an Antique mall. Found - you'll NEVER believe this! - a milking machine bucket! For $20!!!! We've been talking about putting one together for our mentors....so this was a HUGE find. And cheap! :happy dance: (Too bad they wouldn't sell their buffet....ah well. :lol:)

Gotta go start school, then I get to clean the breakfast nook really well, and make some more coasters. Fun stuff, fun stuff!

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Date:July 23rd, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
Huh. I used the Behr paint and primer all in one in my kitchen in something very close to your dining room colour (I think Tomato Red). We got it done in 2 coats easy. That's the stuff in the white can with the red label right?

I'm not quite so happy with the Valspar (also top of the line paint and primer) that we used in the living room and my Renaissance Man Cave -- it covered well in 2 coats, but it's really easy to mark or chip.

The problem we had with the Behr was with the white. 2 cans of the same type and colour # turned out to be quite different in colour. The newer can was much brighter.
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Date:July 23rd, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
I think that's the stuff - we were going over pumpkin, which is close to the sme intensity, and it *should* have covered easily in one. I wouldn't have minded 2 - but 2 still has lighter and darker areas. :sigh:
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