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Today was Pay Bills/Town day....

and WHOA. I spent WAY more than I expected to. :blink: See, lately, every time I turn on the radio I hear a commercial about "balancing your hormones". Ditto on regular TV - and our goat mentor keeps telling me about her health guru that did stuff to balance their I went on eBay a few weeks ago and bought Jillian Michael (? - the lady trainer from "Biggest Loser")'s book "Master your Metabolism". (Buy it used, and cheap - it's OK, but not worth cover price. :wink:) Basically (in fact, save your money, I'll summarize): ditch the chemical crap that's in almost everything, and your body will repair itself and start working the way it was designed to, without much effort on your part.

IOW, eat as natural as possible. Duh, right? Only, she points out that we have a LOT of crap PACKAGING our, ditch the plastic (not that easy), ditch the processed foods (um....yeah. I am working on that), and go as natural as possible (she says Organic, but.....I know that "Organic" doesn't mean what it's supposed to; organic producers CAN use chemicals, as long as they're on the "approved" list.....and we know how that works, right? $$$$). She also says to go to 2% milk - ICK. I think, knowing what I know about commercial dairy practices, that I'll stick with my fresh goat milk. :shudder: (You really don't want to know. But.....the FDA allows all SORTS of junk to go into the commercial milk supply. Stuff that would get a small, private dairy shut down so fast it's not funny.....and yet, it's OK for most of the populace to drink the commercial stuff. And CDC reports more deaths/illnesses stemming from commercial milk than from private......seriously. It's scary.....) (Oh, and ditch most of the cleaners on the market....I can't. See, SG works for a company that makes some of the stuff, and we can get it for almost nothing in the company store. So.....with our budget? I'll stick to using their stuff, like I have been. In moderation.)

Well....we're in drought conditions, and have been for a couple of years. I had switched to disposable plates, to save water....and I've noticed that I can't shift ANY weight. Even adding our daily walk hasn't done much.....we also use paper napkins. :sigh: And plastic (non-disposable) cups....

No more. I went to Anna's Linens and bought 100% cotton napkins. ($1.99/each) WalMart had Made in America glass tumblers for 4/$1.98. I have Fiestaware for our everyday I've ditched all the plastic and disposable stuff, and will be using "real" stuff. More water, yes....but better for *us*. We already run the dishwasher 2x/day, thanks to the milking stuff, so....we really won't be using that much more water.

I can't ditch the gladware/tupperware - I can't find glass storage containers the same sizes. I don't use it a lot, so.....I won't worry about that. I WON'T ditch paper towels - I have a puppy. And a dog that likes to leave grudge presents...:ick: I will simply try to purchase eco-friendly ones.

And I didn't buy processed food this time (except for the kids' cereal (because they're not on board with me yet, and I can't take the whining. Frosted Flakes it is! - and Tyson's breaded chicken patties. I *need* those for breakfast, or I crash and burn by 10.) It pushed my bill up 1/4....OUCH. But....if we get healthier, then it's worth it, right? (And I should note that I didn't buy ANY veggies this time, because we can eat out of the pantry, or meat, because I have enough for now in the freezer. And I *still* spent 25% more. :sigh:)

OH - H, zip me a mailing address. I have 5A/B and 6A/B, with the workbooks and Intensive Practice books. Be happy to get them OUT of here. And no, you don't NEED the teacher's manual - the books do a good job of explaining the how and why. The guide supposedly tells you HOW to teach, but I didn't need it - and still don't, in DM 2A (although there's been a few times I've almost ordered, because Herself just Does. Not. Get. It. So far, though, YouTube has answered her questions. :whew:) I like Singapore - once you get used to how they present things, it's easy. OH! For History, I recommend The Mystery of History - we just got Vol. 3, and I am REALLY impressed. Even without the extra stuff (projects, extra reading, etc) it looks Fantastic. I'm excited to start next week!

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