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at 3:20. I was DONE by 10:30 - I had all the checks in, all the Invoices ready for approval, EVERYTHING. Except - I needed a billing address for a "new" client.

At 9:30, Cyn called FA's office. Where the STUPID "office manager" (he fired the good one - this one...I wanna know what dirt she (or her mother, who ALSO works there) has on him. Because seriously - this girl is a ditz!) informed us that, oh, she has some more time to add to one of the Invoices. No problem - it's 9:30 - I can modify the Invoice, change the paychecks, and still get out of there by 12.

Except....she didn't send me ANYTHING until - wait for it - 12:30, AFTER FA called and reamed her out. Nicely - I was PISSED. (So was Ms. Boss, for the record. And not a me this time!)

Know when I got the info? 1 PM. I got everything changed, printed everything, sent the Invoices...and noticed another email - according to the subject, it had yet MORE changes. I.....I admit it, I ignored it - I leave at 12, remember? I am not PAID to sit there until she gets off her butt to send stuff to me.

Oh, and I just checked my email - there's MORE changes. :bangs head:

After we called to get the billing address, I went ahead and got everything in - it's not hard to change Invoices or paychecks. It takes time to set them up to begin with, and I wanted the "hard" stuff done. Little Miss wonderful doesn't seem to think it's important that I get off on time - although she fully expects to NOT work overtime....:grrrrr:


Anyway. I am home now. I am NOT working on work stuff today - it can wait. Think I'll go take some photos for a tutorial. :grin: Warning: some of the photos may be wonky - the placemats are easy to make, but getting the border corners right takes a lot of fiddling. Not sure I can get a good photo of it - but I'll try. I need to get the Sukkot ones prepped anyway, so I might as well do it now, and photograph it as I go. :nods:

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