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Not much going on...

and I'm avoiding work-work. See, every morning Himself has to water the yard. 3, 15-minute bursts - all before school. Usually, I do work then...but today? I think..honestly? I'm gonna skip it. Why? Because I put in my time on Monday - I've put time in every day this week, tomorrow the office is closed (and technically, I don't HAVE to work on Friday) I quit. :nods: I got what Cyn needed done, so......:blah:

I've already cleaned out 2 kitchen cabinets this AM. Yesterday, I ordered new enamelware bakeware (from Kolorful Kitchen, and it is slated for delivery Saturday. (I didn't want to pay shipping, but the other places that carry Crow Canyon were either priced higher (MUCH, in some cases!) or didn't have all the stuff I was looking for). I wanted to weed out the stuff I'm times. While I LOVE having colorful stuff, I HATE the organizing (and expense!) But in this case, it really was necessary. A lot of my current stuff is going straight to the dump - it's in bad shape. :sigh: I still need to replace 3 skillets - I thought I had weeded out all the non-stick stuff last year, but somehow I missed these. :sigh: I'm limited here - I have a ceramic cooktop. Can't use cast iron (so Le Cruset is right out!), and I'm having a hard time finding affordable all-metal ones. :big sigh:

I also hit eBay...found a lot of vintage Pyrex for not too much.....I need to see what I need, once the new stuff gets here, then hit up eBay. The hard part? I don't want anything with designs on it (especially not the '70s stuff - ICK!), but I want loud, bright colors. And I want it cheap......not asking for much, am I? :lol:

And...I need to find a few tablecloths for our kitchen table. It's an odd size - 36" x 51", and I can't find ANYTHING close. 45" x 60" would be perfect, but I'm having no luck (I'm looking at vintage stuff, to try and save $$$. However, if anyone out there knows of a place where I can get cotton tablecloths, in fun colors, in that size, for cheap (like.....preferably under $15/each - again, I don't ask for much, do I?) - PLEASE let me know! I think I'm gonna end up sewing some.....and I don't wanna. :sigh:

Need to go clear off the counters before we start school - have a great day, y'all!

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