Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Weekend Recap...

Yesterday was spent with SG's aunt - she got a citation for house needing painting, carport being "junky" and.....a radio. On the shelf. Um......yes, the house could use a repaint, but the neighbor's are just as bad, and the carport was NOT junky - she had some chairs there (INDOOR chairs, which, according to Mr. Important, are "illegal" :wth?:) and pet carriers.....:sigh:

We got an estimate to repaint the house, and she cleaned up the carport. (Her neighbor got a citation for a bag of trash - on their BACK porch. That you can't see unless you are IN THE, something's fishy.) We spent today buying the paint (*7* gallons of paint & primer, and 3 gallons of trim paint), and the last gallon (I hope!) for the dining room here.

Anyway. I spent Friday whipping up a tablecloth for the kitchen table. I promised a photo - this was taken this AM, about 6-ish, so please forgive the gloominess.

It's LOUD, it's retro, and I LOVE it. SG, not so much - but he's OK with it, and is OK with me making a few more. I asked for a 60" piece; the lady cut it at 1.5 yards, so it's not as long as I wanted, but it works. (The next one, I will have a 1 2/3 yard piece cut; that should do it.) I'm thinking loud stripes for the next one....just gotta get the $$ to go to JoAnn's or Wally-world. :lol:

It rained later this AM, which we needed (Thank you Lord!), and the chairs aren't permanent - they're only here until he gets the real ones refinished. I need to post a photo of the table - he did a good job on it. Ah, well - you get covered for now.

SG's ready to paint, so gotta run!

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