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It's HOT outside...


Previous Entry It's HOT outside... Aug. 7th, 2012 @ 01:42 pm Next Entry
of course, because it's AUGUST. Still, though - it's HOT. Totally miserable outside.....so, I'm inside. Cleaning.

Apparently, it's a bug that causes Hannah-Homemaker-itis. It starts out with a need to paint..then morphs into crafting, and peaks at cleaning. :blech: and :lol:

Today's project: The game/music room. It's where the "odd" stuff in the former studio went to live, because I didn't want to move it into the "real" studio. Now...it's getting thrown out.

Progress has been made - I can walk around in there again! The harp has a home, as do the violins. Just need to get back at it.

This weekend's project: the Studio, because apparently SOME people in this household think it's still a *storage* area. :grump: I can't get to the loom because there are chairs in front of it, paint beside it, and someone ELSE's yarn stash behind it (the only reason I can touch 1 side of it, is because it's side facing the door. :bangs head: Then, I have to do the Master Bedroom.

Ali, I LOVE the paint - and I agree that it seems silly to be doing all this heavy work when we're facing Wrath. But....it's something *I* have to do. Along with the 2nd tablecloth I made yesterday, and the placemats I am working on. I don't understand it...but there it is. :sigh:

Well, break's over - gotta get back to it!

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