Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

So. Tired...

The Music/Game room is DONE (except for paint). The Studio is as done as I can get it. I got the last stuff out of the entry hall and into the Studio this AM.....all that's left is a wire shelf unit that I need to re-home. I simply have No. Room. for it ANYWHERE.

5 out of 6 RH placemats are done, except for closing the mitered corners. I've started #6 - my goal is to get them DONE today. And possibly make matching coasters. I'm mulling over a runner/centerpiece - we'll see. I still need to bang out the Sukkot placemats - both RH and Sukkot are coming up FAST. At least I have a head-start on the Elul cleaning, right? :wink:

Himself had a major meltdown last night. I know it's puberty (YES, boys have the same mood swings etc that girls are known for, they're just usually milder. I got "lucky" - he's a sensitive kid, and apparently I'm in for a rough ride. :sigh:) Seems that, underlying a lot of stuff, he's jealous of his sister getting a lot of attention for her art I am trying to "fix" it. Hard, because he's decided that he HATES reading (this is new-ish), he HATES writing (we're working on that), and there's nothing he wants to do. But he wants to do *something* that people will notice him for, only he hates people and doesn't want to do anything WITH people (where....he'd get noticed. :bangs head:) My problem is, he'll express an interest, I'll find some stuff for him (he asked to learn JAVA, so I found a course that teaches JAVA for kids....and he won't do it. I found an online video-based course; the first level is setting up a new search engine - and he says it's worthless and won't even look at it. He wants to do Robots, and found a book. *I* found the book at Half-Price, but he won't even LOOK at it. :bangs head: I just can't win....) and it sits. :sigh: I'm not going overboard with the help, either - I know better than that; I get some stuff to help with the basics and step back.

Right now, he's on the couch, happily DRAWING something for some contest a group he watches online is having.....I really don't understand the whole thing, but he's DRAWING, and he's happy, so hey - have fun. Here's paper, and pencils, and oh, hey - you can use your pastels, or my colored pencils, or whatever! (And, funnily enough, his *real* Art assignment for the day was to do something in monochrome....since this is currently pencil-only, I declared it as fulfilling the assignment. Works for me!)

What sparked last night's meltdown was the realization that we (SG and I) were serious about removing ALL screen time 1 day a week (besides the Sabbath. We already have NO electronics on it, except for TV/DVDs.). He spends FAR too much time with his iPad.....most of it NOT related to school-stuff. We're trying to cut the ties......and it set him off. He's fine today.....go figure.

Gotta go tidy some more...then I need to look at the Master Bedroom.

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