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Always on the move.....


Previous Entry Always on the move..... Aug. 12th, 2012 @ 11:20 am Next Entry
Yesterday was spent running around as a family. Fun, but exhausting! Himself is all excited about his book - the first project is building a simulated laser - so we need to stop at Radio Shack today for him to pick up parts. :heheh:

We're taking care a friend's animals while they're on vacation....so that adds another layer of "busy" to our days. No biggie - they NEED this vacation. Badly. We get to house-sit Tuesday - the plumber is coming, because the friend has a leak. I'll pack up the books and we'll school there, then get the "joy" of watching on their Dish Network. Hope they get NASA....:lol:

Still no rain......but the temps have dropped a little. (Hey, at 108*, I'll take every drop in degree I can get!)

More later - I gotta hustle to friend's house!

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