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Made it home from friend's house - the plumber got done quicker than we expected. Helps that the Lord had the leak in the flowerbed, instead of in the foundation (where the plumber thought it was) - Praise God for that! We did school there, then the kids watched "The Hulk" while I spot-cleaned the carpets. Tomorrow I'll wash the rugs for them, and mop the kitchen. I don't think it's right that they come home to a dirty, messy house.

And! I heard from a friend of mine who lives in OK - she'll be in "town" Thursday, and is coming over. I don't have people over often (I....don't like people, mostly.) so this will be fun. Her 5 year old isn't familiar with *real* animals, so he'll get to play with goats and horses and chickens. And she wants to learn to spin! Should be fun! (And my 1 "people" day for the year. :lol: Birthday parties are *hard* on me, y'all. Too many people in MY space. I try to not let it get to me.....because the kids like having family over. working on it.)

The RH placemats are done, washed, and ready to be put up. I need to do coasters, then I will declare RH ready to go. Then it's time to do the Sukkot ones.......I found a few shops on Etsy that have Jewish table linens, and I'm thinking I'll just purchase a table runner or 2. Save time, and help out another crafter....we'll see.

Got a headache from friend's house - she uses air fresheners. A lot. In EVERY room. :sigh: I....have problems with all the smells. Think I'll go lay down a bit.

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