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Thiss NOT the post I meant to write...

but something Anna said yesterday has been buzzing around in my head. Someone asked her what flavor of religion she was, and she responded "We're Jewish"...because it's the easiest way to explain.'s True.

Torah Class has a study of Ruth - I highly recommend it. I read it a few years ago, and *it's* been bouncing around in my head, too. Why? Because....remember the famous "Your God will be my God, and Your People will be my People" line? THAT - in a nutshell - is what Christ-followers *are*. And how they're supposed to live. :sigh:

The God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Joseph - THAT is the GOD that Ruth accepted there. THAT is the God that Yeshua was/is/always will be. IF you profess to believe in Jesus (used for a reason :wink:), then - congratulations! You just said that YOU believe in the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob - the JEWISH God!

Yeshua Himself said that He didn't come to destroy the Torah, but to fulfill it. Guess what? If you accept Christ, you've also accepted the Laws He gave to His people - the Torah. Which makes you what? A Jew.

Not by bloodline, no - and that's the rub. Jews won't accept you, because you are of Gentile blood. Chrischuns won't accept you, once you understand this (and it's hard to wrap your brain around!), because you're "too Jewish". (And....let me once again point out the stupidity of THAT statement, because JESUS Himself was what? A JEW. :bangs head:)

SG usually says we're Messianic...but I can't do that. Granted, I've never set foot inside a Messianic synagogue, but I've watched videos, I've read Messianic blogs, and I have friends with first-hand experience. *Most* Messianics are chrischuns with attitude - *they* know the truth, and that makes them *better*....which is SO FAR from the Truth it isn't funny.

I'm not going to go into the NT teaching by Paul on this, because it muddies my thinking. Yes, he says the same thing, but too many churches have used Paul to twist Scripture (the whole "women can NOT preach" thing is a prime example!) and I'm *still* trying to unravel all that in MY life.

Why is it that something SO SIMPLE got so twisted up and messy? Torah even says - plainly! - that if a Goy accepts the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob (and I'm using this title on purpose, here!) - then they are to be considered a Full Jew......unfortunately, that's NOT how most Jews interpret that now. Belief in Yeshua means that we don't have to follow the sacrificial laws (because HE fulfilled those - but I've gone into that before)...but it doesn't mean that we have cart blanche to do anything we want......we still are held to the other Laws. I don't find them hard (except for having to read labels on everything......but that's probably made us eat healthier. :wink:)

So, Anna - you're right. We ARE the Grace of God and His Son!

And I hope this made's early, and this has been bugging me all night. (And yesterday went really well. We had fun, she learned to spin, and I sent her and her son home with wool. :grin:)

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