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For Carmen

I did a quick archive search, but couldn't find the particular entry I was thinking of; maybe it was in Anna's comments? But...

To answer your question: Why do we no longer need to do the animal sacrifices? The Cliff Notes version:

The sacrifices were to *cover* our sins. We can't be in God's presence if/when we sin, so animal blood was used to cover it. Messiah *WAS* sinless, and His sacrifice REMOVED our sin (IF you believe, I mean. But if you're asking, you're already at that point, I think. :wink:) He was the Perfect sacrifice, so we no longer need to use animal blood.

Also - and this point the church completely skips - all sin sacrifices required blood AND "living water". If you read the crucifixion account, you'll notice that when the centurion poked Yeshua with the spear, blood AND water poured out. He said He was "Living Water".....which proves, again, that HE was and is the only way to cleanse ourselves of sin.

Sorry this is short - we need to get breakfast on the table!

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