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The garage is virtually *done*. The saddles were moved yesterday. Today, the pantry (200 pounds empty) was moved and reorganized, and the shelf was set up where the pantry used to be. I went from 5 shelves full of junk plus 4 feet of full boxes, 3 feet high, to 2 shelves of stuff, 1 shelf of tools, 1 shelf of " grocery overflows " and 1 shelf, split, of horse stuff. The former pot rack is hung, and as soon as I find the hooks (or buy some S hooks), my bridles and halters will be neatly hung up.

The van is washed, and spotless (on the outside. The inside is still......not).

The Stud-muffin is clean, and glory-be! He's *grey*! Who knew?!

The dogs have been bio-spotted for the month. The laundry has been done. All that's left is Himself's - and since he's at Grannie's this week, there's no rush. And supper...but we'll come up with something later.

I'm bushed! I'd take a nap, but it's too late in the day for that. Bet I sleep well tonight!
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