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Report Card

Since it's the end of our First Term (and public school starts Monday), I thought I'd post a report card of sorts. It'll help me keep track of where we are, and what we need to focus on.

Torah Readings: We do this first up, every day. We're in line with the cycle, and moving right along. (M-W is Torah, Th is Prophets, Fr is NT. We are reading 1 Psalm/day, too - we're missing the scrolls, but I haven't been able to figure out how to work them in easily. Yet.) It's....good, but I want *more*, so I've decided: when the current cycle is over (at RH), we'll start TorahClass's Homeschool version of Genesis, and work our way thru the Torah with that (should we be here, of course :wink:) I haven't hammered out the daily reading plan yet, but I'm not worried. I have time.

Art/Art Appreciation: Art is actually happening. Mostly. Some weeks, the kids think the assignment is stupid, so we talk about the technique and I let them go. Herself, no problem - she's artsy, and does some form of art every day. Himself.....not so much. I'm not pushing - I don't want him to HATE Art - but I am gently encouraging. Art Appreciation is trucking along - I really like "The Annotated Mona Lisa". Soon as we're done with it, I'd like to start "How to Look At and Understand Great Art" by The Great Courses - but I have to find an affordable copy, first.

Language Arts: We just finished "Excavating English" - it was fun. We all learned A LOT! Next up is Critical Thinking - I want them to be able to spot when advertisers/politicians are trying to manipulate their thinking. I have Himself doing Writing Strands 4 this year - he's DOING the exercises, which is HUGE. Herself is doing lots of freewriting - I want to ease them both into doing "real" papers, but I have to get him writing, first. Latin is....bogging down, because Minimus Secundus is, well, boring, but we're still plugging away at it. I have Wheelock's up next - and I just got some pdf workbooks off of to help with it. (It's...going to be intense. I can't help it - I WANT them both to be able to understand new words, and Latin will help.) Hebrew.....:sigh: I have sucked at getting any of us to do Rosetta Stone - I HAVE to get back on that! Sarah and David is cute....but Hebrew is Difficult. I'm's just going to take longer than I expected. :sigh:

Math: We're almost done with 2A. I'm going to give each kid a 2 week review (we'll work on the Mid-Term 1 paper together, then I'll turn them loose on the Mid-Term 2), then I *think* we'll be at RH, and I've scheduled vacation for the High Holidays. We'll still do a *little*, because I don't want them forgetting everything (Herself, especially), but I don't plan on starting 2B until after Sukkot. Should we be here. :ahem:

Science: Apologia Physical Science is good. I've heard no complaints - and we've been able to do all the experiments so far! (Helps that I bought Home Science Tools kit for it! I need to go back and buy the rest of the kits to put up.) Homeschool Buyer's Co-op has an offer for a CD of virtual dissection....I'm trying to budget it in for Biology. Himself does NOT want to do "live" dissection, and I'm OK with that - as long as he does virtual ones. (Herself is into that sort of stuff, and is BEGGING to perform an autopsy on the next dead chicken. :sigh: I'll let her - AFTER she does a virtual dissection. Next year. In Biology. :lol:)

Geography: Glencoe. Public School Textbook. Sucks. We're on Unit 4, and we STILL haven't started country studies yet. That begins in Unit. 5! I get that you have to understand the language...but c'mon! This is....SLOW. But! They are doing well on the quizzes, and they ARE I'll keep at it. (And, funny thing - yesterday's Geography talked about CFC's and the Ozone Layer. SO DID SCIENCE. How cool - and funny! - is that?) Each Unit has 4 chapters - 1 on the landforms, 1 on the people, 1 on the culture, and 1 on how it fits in today's world. Cool....but the set up is SO SLOW. :bangs head:

History: MOH seems to be a hit. We do a "pre-test" on Monday, then do History M/W/Fr, and do a Review or Activity on Friday. So far, it's been good - except for last Friday, when Himself decided he didn't WANT to do the review exercise, and when I told him it WAS graded, he blew it off. :sigh: Don't think he'll do THAT again - his 16.3 kinda killed his straight-A average. :lol: and :sigh: (It was open-book, and he didn't want to do it. Sorry, we ALL have to do stuff we don't want to do....:sigh:) The lessons are short, and are based on a person, instead of being just general. We've learned a LOT already - which is surprising to me, who grew up on traditional textbooks. The author manages to shoe-horn in a lot of history in each short biographical you don't realize that you're learning a LOT more than just so-and-so's life.

"Enrichment": We need to get back to the Meteorology DVD's...we've slacked off. It's just that....the lecturer is good, but So Boring. His voice is ever-so-slightly monotone, which puts *me* to sleep. :sigh: The info is *fascinating*, but if I can't keep my eyes open, how can I expect the kids to? I've got the HS History lectures - we've done the first one, and it's GREAT - so I'm planning on doing those as History review. I also have "The History of the English Language" - we're going to start that one soon, too. (After we get into Critical Thinking - don't want to overload us)

I need to add books back in - we haven't done any read alouds or read alongs since The Hobbit last year. We're slacking in Writing (but I explained that)......and I need to add in extras in History, to help them retain it. (MOH has a bunch of stuff to do, but most of it...well, isn't that appealing to *me*. Or my kids. I may end up just having them write a synopsis at the end of each week....must think about this some more.)

Overall, though, I'm pleased with our progress. Math, especially - Monday, Herself made a *100* on her assignment - Quadratic Equations in Linear..something. :lol: With NO HELP from me!!!!!!!! :happy dance: Something must'a stuck! :happy dance:

Today is shopping day, so I gotta skitter. Quick school, then we're off. Laters!

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