Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Home Sweet Home...

We were out most of the day yesterday, shopping. Didn't get home until 2....and we left at 8:30. Exhausting!

Glad we left early, though - because i wanted to get a stamp-carving kit, and we hit *3* stores before I found one. (JoAnn's has NO clue, Michaels has it online, but apparently not in the stores; Hobby Lobby has them in the wood-carving section. :?:) We also had to hit Fry's for Himself, then Wally-world for groceries...and the Meat Locker. :mmmmm: Fresh, chemical-free beef. :mmmmmm:

Anyway. I sat down yesterday afternoon and managed to carve a pretty decent stamp for our letterboxing. It's Inara's profile.....and it actually looks like her! Can't wait for this weekend, so we can use it! (Stamp carving is easy, IF you use the right rubber. This was attempt #2; the first one I did on a rubber disk that came with the carving tool. It.....well, it looks like a goat, but I can't get all the excess rubber off. And it was hard to carve. The 2nd one, now - I did that on a sheet of Speedball pink rubber, and it went FAST. 30 minutes, tops, from transferring the image to making the final stamp. :happy dance:

Today has been relaxing. Sort of. Laundry had to be done, as did some much-needed bedroom cleaning. Ali mentioned she's not organized - hon, I'm not either. I "read" that way, but only because I have finally got a "system" down that helps. A lot. Schoolwork goes on a plan, and if it's on the plan, it gets done. Housework...well, the kids do a lot, and I have finally gotten a schedule in place that works for me. Laundry is Mon. and Wed (we weren't home yesterday, so it got done today.), Friday is general house-cleaning for the Sabbath, and the rest gets done as SG nags. :sigh: I'm trying to get better.....but it's tough, because I get distracted so - Look! Butterfly!! :lol:

What helps, is breaking down the job into smaller chunks. The bedroom, for instance. It's a disaster. So, I do 1 chunk a day. Today was the area in front of one of the windows. It was full of, it's empty, and the magazines are in blue plastic tool bins. Not perfect, no, but better than all of them stacked on top of my sewing bench (that will be moved into the studio in a few minutes.) Tomorrow, I'll tackle the area along the wall leading to the closet. Baby steps, I think FlyLady calls it (I detest her program, but some of it works for me.) (And no, I don't polish my kitchen sink. :shudder:)

Break's over.....gotta get back to the magazines!

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