Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Just truckin' along...

Not much going on. We hit 1 new letterbox yesterday - didn't find it, but found a ton of red wasps. :eek!: I'm, we got out of there fast. Will report that today - and try another site next time. :lol:

Did pick up the paint for the game/music room. I think I'll be heading in there in a bit...I want to get it done. I'm SICK of painting...but it needs it. :sigh:

Buck barn has been fixed (put a cattle panel in there, to keep them AWAY from the wooden back wall. No way to get to the wood to punch holes, now! Buckling shelter has been set back up (they had knocked it down Friday evening), and the chicken coop has been cleaned. Work stuff has been done, and tomorrow's schoolwork is DONE. :bounce:

The Sukkot placemats are *done* - just need to make coasters and a runner now. Still need to make RH candle-coasters, but that won't take long. I need to find fabric for Purim and Shavuot - but I have time (maybe. :wink:). Glad the 2 upcoming Feast sets are done!

Need to go prep for painting - laters!

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Tags: blather

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