Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Some days, my kids make me proud....

:deep breath: OK, confession time: I somehow or other managed to OVER-pay the electric bill (by...umm, more than *double*). I don't know HOW - because I work in accounting, I know my way around a 10-key, and usually my fingers catch mistakes before my brain does. This time? I can't explain it - the mistake isn't from having my fingers on the wrong keys (the motions are TOTALLY different!) I just told Yah I needed help, and went on. Because....nothing I can do, now (and...I checked the total I was set to pay, and the total was pretty close to what I had estimated. So.....honestly, I have NO CLUE what happened), and it's in His hands.

Anyway. Because of this, I am skint. NO money for anything until next month (1x/month paycheck now, remember?) - I had already hit the grocery store, so we're good for food, and fortunately I had a "reserve" that cushioned most of the error (and SG quickly transferred $100 into my account, to keep me above the minimum amount - I detest service fees!). We're OK - I just can't do "fun" stuff this month. (And this isn't a "Poor me, please help" post - we are FINE. We're not desperate, and won't be. I'm just...stupid. :lol: SG still gets paid Friday, and his aunt pays him rent. It'll be tight on my end, but we'll be fine. And next month? (and the month after!) I'll have a little "extra" that can be used for clothes for Himself, who is rapidly outgrowing everything he owns. See, it all works out!)

So this morning, Himself comes out: "Mom, I've got $27, and nothing to spend it on. Can we do lunch? I'd like DQ - because I want a Blizzard, and today the Hunger-Busters are $1.59." :tears up:

I didn't ask, I didn't grump about the lack of funds - I've been very up front and straight-forward about it. They both know - pretty much - how our finances work, and have been good about not asking for expensive non-necessities. (And they DO get allowances - I had already given them before I paid the bills.) They both are pretty good about budgeting their money, so this? Is a selfless gift on his part. And I couldn't be prouder!

Gotta go round 'em up so we can hit DQ...then I have to do work-work. :sigh: I want to get it done so I can take next week "off".....wish me luck!

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