Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

I'm tired....

because SG decided we needed to "go to the Mall to walk around". Yeah. We a) didn't hit ANY Mall, and b) didn't do a whole lotta walking, but it was fun, anyway.

We ended up at the big JoAnn's in N. Dallas.......and he pulled out the AmEx card. :sigh: See, I have been looking at CraigsList and eBay for a 2-needle serger for...well, months now, but couldn't find one I was willing to pay the asking price for. He decided he wanted to get some denim needles for my sewing machine, so "he" could hem up his jeans....and while there he asked me if I needed a new machine. "No - not a sewing machine, anyway. I'd like a serger, but they are WAY too much money."

Well. He looked at the Bernina models (Oh. My. Goodness! $2K for a stinking SERGER!!!!?????), and then snagged a lady to ask about them. (??!!) She told him there was an "entry level" serger on the endcap - Singer, good model - go look! So, he did.

$199. Normally $399. Wal*Mart sells a Brother serger, 3-thread, single-needle, for $199. He said "So, this is better, right?" and when I said "Well.....*I* think so, but I'm not an expert - the 2 needles means that you are seaming while you're finishing the edge, which removes 1 step of the process...." and off he went. :gulp:

Yes, this will make clothes-sewing easier and faster. No, it wasn't imperative that I get one NOW - I was fiddling with my budget to get one in the after Giftmas sales (should we be here)....but I guess it was time, huh? :boggle: (No more French seaming! Or un-ravelling fabric! I need to get over my intimidation of it......:lol:)

He also took us to Pei-Wei for lunch. I....don't like Asian food, but the kids enjoyed it. THAT's what counts, so I kept my thoughts to myself and choked down Teriyaki Chicken. I didn't want to influence them - they need to make their own decisions. Himself LOVED the Korean steak, and Herself enjoyed her Lo-Mein Chicken. That's good...I guess. Guess I need to stuff myself before we go there next time....:lol:

Guess I need to play with the serger.........we'll see how it goes....

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