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Learning Links....

Today is "Unplugged Thursday" (for the kids :wink:), but I want to get this out here before they wake up. So......I decided to go thru my educational links and post. In my online rambles, I've discovered a TON of stuff aimed at *young* kids...and very little (proportionately) for older ones, so most of these are aimed at Middle School or older students.


Latin Teach This is the grammar page, and there's a TON of links here.

Baylor University's Latin Department - from the link above, but I felt it deserved a direct link. It has FREE songs!!!

Wheelock's Latin Vocab generator Looks rough, but had high marks. We're gearing up to use Wheelock's, so....:grin:

Wheelock's Latin Exercises

Wheelock's Videos, Ch. 1-5

Book: 6 Weeks to Ceasar on Google Books

Latin for Beginners" and

Latin for Beginners Teacher's Manual AND

Latin for Beginners Answer Key I haven't used any of these yet, but I am looking at them. I *might* go with this instead of Wheelock's, for now, and save Wheelock's until next year. Or so. We'll see. :lol:

(There's a LOT more free Latin stuff out there, but let's move on, shall we? :wink:)


Rosetta Stone: Um. We have Levels 1-4. I've made it to Level 2...and I STILL can't speak Hebrew very well. Homeschool Buyer's Co-op offers it a LOT, so if you want to go this route, use them...but be aware that at the end you do NOT have the equivalent of 4 years of High School language. You'll probably have...2. I...can't really recommend them. BUT!

Virtual Ulpan Still in the beginning stages, and seems to be mostly reading (I only glanced at it), but it looks good, and it's FREE.

Sarah and David - NOT free, but it's got fantastic learn-to-read Hebrew things. They have an app for iOS, but not Android. :sad:

Learn to Speak Hebrew - haven't used this one yet, but it looks interesting.

Misc. stuffs:

Learn Japanese

Scale of the Universe (Totally COOL!)

National Geographic Blackline Maps - customizable, and printable

Lessons in Electric Circuits

Astronomy/Space Websites

Math - Comprehensive School Materials

Free Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans - this is put out by the Federal Gov't, so.....I included it, because there is a lot of stuff there.

Virtual Manipulatives for Math - Federal, again, but free, and....well, some kids need this.

Playing History - Historical games. About History, I mean, not "historical" games.

The Physics Classroom

Civil War Curriculum by the Civil War Trust.

Virtual Media Center by a School District, but TONS of stuff here.

Learn to Code - Free starter course in computer coding.

Microbiology Activities LOTS of experiments here - they look interesting!

This clears out my box...I have more links, but I think I'll stop now. :lol: PLEASE let me know if a link isn't live - I might have forgotten to close the coding. Every link was live as of this AM....

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