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So. Tired.....

because we hit a (very small) Gun Show yesterday. Spent 5 hours there...learned a lot, spent some $$$, and had fun. But I'm feeling it, today!

Did you know that Texas allows non-residents to get a CHL? And so does Florida? And the Florida CHL can be renewed anywhere in the WORLD? And only requires a 4-5 hour class; NO range time, NO renewal tests? Yeah - I didn't, either. I knew TX has a CCL; the info about Fl was new. And weird - WHY give a CCL without making sure the person can, y'know, SHOOT? :scratches head:

SG is considering it. NOT because we have to - here in TX, you can legally carry your handgun ANYWHERE that isn't posted. You can't conceal it legally, without the CCL, but you can carry it. (Yeah....I agree with this, for the most part, because I agree with the 2nd Amendment.) I'm not sure WHY he's considering it, but......I may not have to worry about it after next week. :wink: IF we're here, and do it, we'll go for the FL one, because a) it's cheaper (by almost $70/each!), b) it takes less time (4-5 hours vs. 10-11), and c) it seems easier to get (no written test (I...don't even KNOW.) and no range time (again - WHAT???))

Anyway. I also learned about rifles. TX allows..this is funny....civilian assault rifles to be used for *hunting*. I guess the deer and hogs here are armed and dangerous? :lol: (No, seriously - the dealers told us that THE most popular hunting rifle right now is the AR-15. AND that the legislature just passed the silencer law - it is now legal in TX to put a suppressor on your hunting rifle to go shoot deer. I...I can't even tell you how absurd this is to me. Granted, you pay your $225 fee, and another $200 to register the suppressor, then you have to purchase the thing (about $800+), and then you have to wait 6 months for the paperwork to be approved before you can pick up your new "toy". Um. Yeah. Anyway - those deer are going to spend that 6 months target shooting, I guess, so that they can defend themselves. Or something....:rofl:)(The dealers told us that the suppressors are because of folk like us, who live in rural areas where it is legal to target shoot on your property. Seems that the neighbors' livestock were being spooked by the ranchers proposed this. makes a little bit of sense, but not that much to me. And does anyone else see the loopholes in the process???)

I got a lot of advice on "my" coyote problem....the "solution" - or so the consensus was - is an AR-15, with red/green sights, front grip, and .223 rounds. All-righty, then.......and all aluminum was better (a little, anyway) then carbon-fiber tops and bottoms (I....have NO idea. I'm just reporting what I was told. Rifles, I don't know. Pistols, I know a little. I know how to shoot, and I *was* a crack shot a few years ago, but I need practice. And I haven't shot a rifle since high school.) Recoil is a little less on the all aluminum one.......but it weighs a bit more. NOT cheap - the cheapest rifle was $699, without sights, case, or front grip. Sights - just the simple front and rear - ran about $80/set, a cheap cloth case was $10, and front grips were running about $90. "Ready-to-Go" ones were running anywhere from $850 - $2K, depending on options. coyote solution isn't going to be cheap. :sigh: and :rofl:, because.....seriously. It's funny!

There's no more 3-day waiting period, either - which surprised me. I was on the fence about that - I understand the *why*, but I also know that it restricts 2nd amendment rights. Now, it's a phone call that takes less than 5 minutes. (Wal*Mart confirmed this last week when we were window shopping there. I'm not sure if this is because it's Deer Season here, or if this is the new normal. I also don't know if this is nation-wide, or just here. Also, if you have a CCL, you DON'T go thru the paperwork/phone call. :shrug:)

It wasn't that crowded - granted, it was a small show. BUT. Those that were there were buying. ALL the dealers phones were tied up most of the time, calling in the names of those purchasing new firearms. Scope dealers were really busy, especially the ones carrying the higher-end laser sights. Handguns were moving, but the AR-15's and other similar weapons were moving the fastest. Ruger and Sig Sauer seemed to be the most prolific, closely followed by Glock (which I picked up - wow. I mean - I knew they were lightweight, but WOW. I don't need a handgun.....but if I did, I'd go with them. SUPER lightweight. I know the Israeli army uses them......which is good enough for me. :nods:)

I didn't sense any desperation from people - just a serious, need to buy a new firearm now, before Nov. sort of vibe. Not like anyone was fearful the laws would be changed any time soon, they wanted to make sure they could get what they wanted while it was easy to do so. If that makes sense.

Anyway, it was a fun day, and I did learn a lot. Now I gotta start saving up - AFTER the Fall Feasts. :wink: I have a coyote problem that needs solving! :lol:

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