Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Ooooh! Heads up!!!

Check your local PBS listings - this week is Great Performances at the Met: Wagner's Ring Cycle!!!!!!! Last night was "Wagner's Dream", which showed the set up for the Met's performance - the making of the way cool stage, the stars, the rehearsals; tonight is Das Rhinegold.

I'm not an Opera fan, per se, but way back in High School I did a project on Tolkein. He got most of his base material for Middle Earth from the "Eldar Edda", a Norse Mythology cycle.....which is where Wagner got his "Ring" material. I've wanted to see Wagner's opus ever since (yes, I read the entire Edda; it was Norse on one page with the translation on the other. By the end, I wasn't using the translation much, but I've lost most of it over the years. Oh, well...)....but can't afford Opera tickets (and...I don't think Dallas has put on a Ring Cycle.) and the DVDs I've found are way over my budget.

This? Is FREE. And, judging from last night, AWESOME. I'm not sure how they're doing it - the entire cycle is 16 hours of Opera; PBS has it slated for 2 hours/night. Don't care, though - we are staying up to watch ALL of it. :bounce:

If you don't get PBS, I know they usually put up their episodes online after they've aired, so you might be able to catch it that way. Worth the effort, I think!

In other news, we taste-tasted the Cheddar last night - Oh. My. Goodness! I made REAL cheese!!!! (Yeah, I made Manchego too, but I've never tasted it except from other goat owners. Cheddar? I've bought - and this? Tasted just like Mild Cheddar!! It'll only get better as it ages!!!) It's now waxed and set to age in the veggie cabinet in the 'fridge. :bounce: How exciting! I HATE the process, but the payoff, in this case, was worth the effort!!!

I need to hit the wood pile; we need a better press. I've done research; looks like a Dutch Press is what I want/need, and it looks easy to build. So, that's on the agenda. As is soap...I need to get a box mailed out, and then I need to make some replacements. It never ends, does it? :wink:

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