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I had NO idea

that it is so hard to find a notary willing to do her/his job. I mean - *I'm* a notary, and I'll notarize anything that comes thru. Not my problem *what* the papers are, I'm just there to say that You signed them, with the name on the license you provided me to prove you are who you say you are.

Other notaries, however, are a different story. The bank had a notary, and he was willing to notarize the papers. But, bank employees are not allowed to be witnesses. WTF? He told me to go "ask the customers if they'd do it." Ummmmmmmmmm, yeah - I need 2; there was 1 customer in the bank and he was shuffling his way out the door. I'm 62 miles from my house and I work in a 2 person office. *Where* am I going to get 2 witnesses? *sigh*

There is a UPS store across the street. They have a notary, and 1 witness. The landlord of our building agreed to be witness #2 tomorrow, so it looks like tomorrow I'll finally get this thing signed and copied. *sigh*

The landlord also told me that the nice older gentleman in our building is a notary; he just had a triple bypass and isn't in much right now. If he's there tomorrow AM, I'll see if he'll do it...if not, it's on to UPS.
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