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Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Ugh...So Tired!

Stayed up for the entire Das Rhinegold last night...11:00 PM. My bedtime is 8:00 PM. I get up at 5:15 AM. I am ded tired. :yawn: But it was worth it! Tonight is Die Walkurie.....we'll see if I can make the whole performance again!

Cheese press: The kids and I got everything cut out, and the base assembled. Started to do the tower...and it said "Cut a slot x" by x" " and I said "Nope! We'll get SG to work on it tonight!" and put everything up. Then I started actually THINKING about it...the base, as specified, was 3' x 1.5'. That's HUGE. I don't have a space in my kitchen large enough to set it up (unless I put it on the floor...which ain't happening with my dogs/kids.)! So I did more googling....

We ended up decreasing it by 50%. It took SG and I maybe 10 minutes to reduce the base, then I tossed the plans and we brainstormed the tower and lever part to make it easier to do, with the wood we had on hand. He got everything set up, but quit before getting it all finished - it was 7:15, we hadn't had dinner, and he was losing light in the shop. I figure, maybe 30 minutes tonight will have it done - and the cost? $0.00. It's not pretty, but it was made with found wood, and that's worth a lot!

What took the most time was sanding all the wood. I sanded the base, because it was old and gray and had dirt.......HE didn't like my sanding job, so he switched out the sanding disks and started hitting it with the 200 grit. (I had used 60. It's not furniture, so.....:whatever:) It looks nicer, but it's still found wood. :wink:

I don't know WHY I all of a sudden HAVE to HAVE this...but I do. So, we're putting it together. I'll be making another batch of cheese tomorrow (probably Manchego - he wants to wax a batch and see how it ages, compared to cheddar.)

Oh, Hearth? You don't HAVE to use fresh-from-the-critter milk to make cheese; you can make good cheese using store-bought pasteurized cow's milk. Easiest cheese is 1 gallon milk + 1/4 cup vinegar - you can google the instructions, and they even have You Tubes on it. :wink: It's a soft cheese, but it's easy. And good. (Bit bland, but that's what herbs are for!) If you get into it, you'll want starter cultures ( has a good selection, and decent prices. You can beat the prices if you hunt, but we usually order from here.) You don't need molds unless you start making hard cheeses.....and that's when you'll need to find a press. There's lots of different types, but the Dutch press seems to be the easiest to calibrate. (The ones with the board that rides up and down on dowels/all thread? Suck, because you can't consistently hit the proper amount of psi; the spring-loaded ones are just as much a joke. Seriously - we have one of these (without the springs) and...honestly? SUCKS. It's why I spent the last few days hitting every cheese forum I could find, searching for advice and plans.)

RH begins Sunday evening....I got to get work-work done, and finish tidying the house. This is the CLEANEST my house has been since we moved in (not that that's saying much! :wink:), so at least I'm not having to shovel it out this year. :lol:

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