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Cleaning today, while the kids are doing their Chapter tests/reviews. Lots of, I Love my house, but if/when the Lord says "Leave", I'll have no regrets. Right now, I'm a little irked at whoever may end up with the house (I'm human, after all!), but....they'll be lucky. It's a beautiful, wonderful house.

I wish I could stay up later than 10, because Wagner's Ring is AWESOME. I just...can't keep my eyes open long enough to watch all 3 Acts. :sigh: (Last night, for Siegfried, I managed to stay up to the part in Act II where he kills Fafner, but I couldn't stay up long enough to hear Fafner catch him up on past events. :lol: And Das Walkure? I made it to Act 2, but had to go to bed. :sigh: I am getting too old for this stuff....:rofl: Tonight doesn't end until 1 AM - NO WAY. :sigh: I need to save up for the DVDs, I guess (should we be here. :wink:)

My house is as clean as it's going to get. NOT perfect, no - it'll never get perfectly clean - but certainly good enough to invite my MIL over for tea. (Seriously, that's GOOD - she's nit-picky. Worse than SG, even!) The Studio is...well, not quite trashed, but not where I wanted it; until I get more cabinetry in there this is as good as it gets.

The cheese press works, and works well. I need to get better weights - I don't think my sock machine weights are exactly 1 lb, because the Manchego came out a little bit "wobbly". Still, it's better than the "glass jar on top of the cheese with bungee cords running over top, with Encyclopedias on top of *that*" set up we were using. :lol: We're talking about running to Cabela's anyway - SG has decided that we NEED to take up Archery. :rolls eyes: (I agree, to a degree - Archery isn't tied to gov't control like firearm ammo is. All you need is straight wooden sticks, and a bow, and you're pretty good to go.) I'll look for fishing weights while we're there. :shrug: I *did* get a LOT more whey out of this batch than ever before (I had to empty the drip pan 4 times; usually there's no noticeable whey after the 2nd press.), works!

It rained yesterday - Praise Yah!!!!! And it's trying to rain today - Praise Him again!!! We NEED it....not only for the grass, but because we need to drill holes. :lol:

Gotta go check papers, and start the Challah.

Shabbat Shalom!

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