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Random blather...

First up, the important stuff:

There's 9 Days of Awe to Yom Kippur - Judgement Day. Traditionally, these days (10, in all - Rosh Hashanah starts it) are for getting *yourself* right with God. I spent part of yesterday in introspection - and I recommend everyone do that.

Ok. Random stuff:

1. Talked to our goat-breeder friends this weekend. They came out Sunday, and I found out that this year's kid crop (which I thought was pretty good!) is...well, FANTASTIC. In fact, she put in a tentative "order" for a buck like Hammer - she was VERY impressed with him, and his twin (OK, and will ALL 7 kids...but those 2 she went ga-ga over. :lol:) She also gave me pricing I knew Nubian milkers were pricey, but...she told me that Padme (Hammer's twin) should start out at $400...the others, $300. :gulp: I mean...NONE of them are for sale this year, but......WoW. (Please don't take this as bragging - I'm just so....surprised that someone who KNOWS goats thinks so highly of mine! Mine are just pets.....I mean, we get milk and fiber from them, sure, but......they're my babies! :gulp:)

2. I now have the paperwork to register Zoe and Mal.....once that's done, I can send everything in for this year's crop. :cool: Since I don't get paid until next week, and Yom Kippur is Wednesday (NO no bill paying, no writing checks. :grin:), I'll send 'em off Thursday. Then I'll send off the kids' papers.......:whee:

3. Today was soap-making day. 4 batches - 1 unscented/uncolored, 1 Patchouli/Lavendar/Rosemary, 1 Lavendar, and 1 Bay Rum. All but the unscented are my "Whey Cool" soaps - made with Whey instead of milk; the unscented I used frozen milk + a little whey to rehydrate it. We'll see how they turned out tomorrow when I cut them.

4. Tomorrow is cheese-making day. We're back up to 4 gallons.....and I got rid of most of the whey, so......:lol: For someone who HATES making cheese, I sure am making a lot...but I don't want the milk to go to waste, and we like cheese. SG has requested Derby Sage, so I know what I'll be making.

5. Found a local gun range, so we'll be going out there Saturday to sight in SG's rifle. And see if he can get his shotgun (!) and .22 (!!) fixed. (He didn't TELL me he already had 2 rifles....not until late Saturday, when he decided that both kids need to learn to shoot, and that a .22 would be the best thing. :sigh: Had I know about the shotgun, I...well, the coyotes would have had notice that maybe this isn't the place to hang out. Y'know?)

6. Part of yesterday was spent working on the quilt I started last year (or so). I remember why I put it away - I have 88 small blocks that need even smaller blocks sewn to 2 corners (to make the corners a different color, triangle-y. :sigh:) Yeah...2 seams on EVERY. SINGLE. BLOCK. THEN I get to assemble the sashing, THEN I get to assemble the entire top. I would ignore it again, but...our quilt is dying. The patches are tearing, and it now has I need a new one. And this one's started.....:grin:

I smell like Bay Rum and Patchouli, and I need to get some work-work done. Later!

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