Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Busy day today...

Herself had a doc. appt, so there went our morning. Got home, got waylaid by the neighbor, who REALLY wants to sell us his back acreage (and we DO want it, but SG wants to pay cash. Um....that ain't happening any time soon, hon. :bangs head:). Then the kids came out...Penny tried to eat the sofa. Or Kenzie.....whatever. SOMEone ate the sofa. :sigh:

So. I have milk heating on the stove now for a batch of Derby Sage. I've already picked the Sage, rinsed it, and boiled it for 15 minutes, then strained it. The liquid is in with the milk right now (I stuck it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so - it's a little batch.), and I'll mix the leaves in when I salt the curds (in 2.5 hours or so. :sigh:)

The soap looks good, but is still a bit soft. I'm not surprised - my scale decided that I was taking too long in weighing out my oils, so I think I super-fatted all the batches. I'll check it again tonight/tomorrow, and cut it when it's firm. I'll just let it cure a wee bit longer (6 weeks, instead of 4) and we'll be good to go.

Speaking of, provided we're here after the Fall Feasts, I'll willing to make custom soap batches. Please tell me what scents you want; if I don't have 'em, I'll buy 'em next week (on payday!) and get them going. It takes 4 weeks to cure soap - yes, you CAN use them before that, but they'll be soft, get slimy, and not last as long (some people *ahem* don't care, but I prefer to sell firm soap. Even if I DO use mine the next day, because I need to....test....the batches. Yeah, that's it - I'm performing quality control. :nods:) I have tons of scents now, but I bought what *I* I may not have what *you* are looking for.

They're $5/bar, but I am willing to negotiate. :grin: I can do goats milk, whey, combo, or water - or even tea if you want something different (Chamomile tea makes for a nice soap - very mild. I use it in my shampoo bars.) (And hey, why NOT shill 'em? Might as well - we can't use all the soap I make, and people seem to like it, so........)

Wish I could figure out how to share the cheese...but I think SG might have a problem with that. :lol: (And first batch of Manchego is GONE, because, was tasty. I'm eyeing the 2nd batch, but SG wants to try waxing and aging it. I think I'll need to make another batch next week, and eat this one....:lol:)

The kids and I had a nice long chat today about predestination and free choice. It was AMAZING. And very thought-provoking. I think we need to take long car trips more often.......

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