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More ponderings.....

Anna posted something yesterday about how she's been working on herself this weekend (specifically in the ways she's helping her husband...there's more to it, but that's what I've been worrying at all night).....

I've been *obsessed* with the cheese and soap the past week or so. To the point that I HAD to do it....not sure why. Because....cheese is SG's thing, and honestly - we have enough "ugly" soap to last us a good 9 months, at least. I wasn't planning on *selling* soap - not for reals, anyway, because...well, I keep looking at it as a hassle. But then I made a batch.....and then I made 4 more....and then I read Anna's post. :lol:

It's no surprise that the economy sucks right now...and I don't see it recovering any time soon. It's also no surprise that I am part-time now....and we don't know for how long. (No discussions on THAT, please - it is what it is. I'm waiting for the green-light to quit, but I haven't gotten it yet. So...I stay. I'm miserable, but I stay.) Things are tight for us - not to the painful point, and we still have "free" money to "play" with (we are going to get a membership to the Science Museum, for example - it's not a need, it's a want, and we can afford it...), so we're not *hurting*,'d be nice to have a little more income, kwim?

And it looks like soap may be it. A friend ordered some (THANKS! :wink:), and I've had a few interested nibbles here at SG and I talked last night. The plan is to buy another larger mold (Brambleberry has a 5 pound silicone mold liner for UNDER $20 - that's...dirt cheap. CHEAPER than dirt, actually! Don't know the quality of the silicone...but for that price, I can afford to experiment), and replace the 2 green Crafter's Choice molds (they're GREAT molds, silicone so that they're no-line, but my wrist is at the point that I can't easily unmold my soap from them. I could, last year, but this last batch brought tears to my eyes, so they've got to go), and start cranking out various soaps. For sale, not us.

I'm not looking to make a living doing it - I don't like soapmaking *that* much - but it'll help. And it'll use up "old" milk (although cheesemaking uses milk up MUCH faster.....5 batches of soap used *maybe* 1/2 gallon of milk/whey. 2 pounds of cheese uses *2* gallons of milk.), and I can make cheese for us and use the whey for soap (soap is soap. The whole milk soap is maybe a little creamier than the whey soap, but honestly? Not much difference - it's all in label appeal.) (Not gonna sell cheese - that's way too regulated for us. Too many hoops to jump thru....)

I've also noticed that I've started doing "Honey-Do" chores, instead of waiting for SG to do them. Today I fixed the pet door - the dogs had ripped the vinyl again. We noticed it last night, but SG didn't have time to do anything. So....I pulled out the duct tape and repaired it (a new flap is around $80, IIRC. WAY too expensive!). Pretty? No - but functional. The kids and I built the press (which SG is planning on modifying - it works, but it needs to be tweaked. I currently have 5 pounds on it (50 pounds pressing weight), and it took a LOT of fiddling to get it to press evenly and not fall off of the mold. The wood I used for the level arm is twisted, which we didn't notice, and the presser arm is on the side instead of in the middle of the, he's going to work on it later.)

We'll be building a chicken tractor later - SG wants the chickens out in the yard to eat the grasshoppers, but we have feral cats, so he suggested the kids watch them. Right now, Himself is trying to put the hens back in the carrier, to haul them back to the coop, and Herself is off chasing the rooster, who decided to go visit the cow pasture. :bangs head: We can do this, and not bother SG with it.

Little things, yes.....but it's ways I can help take some of the load off SG. And that's a good thing, right? I'm supposed to be his I need to *do* it. And then try not to brag about it, because that's not the point. :grin: (What? I'm only human! And I'm proud of stuff I've built myself.....even if it's ugly. :lol:)

Not sure this went where I intended it to......ah, well.

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