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I don't worry about money - I never have. I don't mean that I don't budget, or watch what I spend, or shop around for the best deals - I just don't worry about the big picture. I believe that the Lord will provide - and He does!

My husband is vastly different. He worries about money all. the. time. To the point that this weekend, he has decided that me making soap is going to "fix" all our money problems. :huh?: Seriously - I'm looking to have the goats pay for themselves, NOT support the entire family with this; he's feverishly planning places to sell, spaces to store the curing soap, and trying to get me to tell him how much profit I think I'll make *this* year. :scratches head:

Now...he's bad with money. He's always short - because he doesn't stop to actually CHECK the bank balance vs. his checkbook - if the bank says he has $xxx.xx, then he goes out and spends $x.xx.....not stopping to remember that the water bill hasn't cleared yet. :sigh:'s not fun trying to rein him in sometimes.

Me? I screwed up last month (I mentioned that)....and therefore I QUIT Spending. Oh, I bought lunch 1x, but that was only because SG transferred $50 over (for doctor co-pay and gas), and I only got $10 in gas, and the co-pay was $20 instead of $30. Yay! We can grab lunch on our way home!

I'm looking at the soap as a way to have the goats pay for their feed (even if that money gets spent elsewhere, it frees up the same amount for feed, if that makes sense.). I'm NOT looking at doing this full-time; in fact, I don't WANT to. This is fun - I want it to remain fun. He's not getting this.....

He took us to the Dallas Farmer's Market yesterday to scope out the "competition". Never mind that I'll NEVER be at a Farmer's Market - they are open on Saturday. It's the Sabbath. NO WORK. :sigh: He was we went. 1 soaper.....plain, boring, naturally-colored soap. Same recipe on all the bars. Light scent. NOT impressed. SG was all happy, because MY soap is prettier, more colorful and smells better (mostly. Sometimes I mess up on my scent amounts and it fades. Working on that!)

:sigh: I wish he'd trust more.

In other news, we sighted in his rifle. I can actually hit what I aim at now! We also luted all the adult does - after the pillaging episode 2 weeks ago, it needed to be done. Especially since he's all over the "breed all the does!" thing, because I need to make Soap! And my marketing idea of using the fiber goats' milk for soap has just set his little heart afire......:lol: We won't mention to the masses that milk is milk, and cashmere milk is the same as nubian milk is the same as alpine milk (for soap......heck, cow milk is the same in soap!) :sigh: Next month (should we be here), the Alpines will get bred (even Rosa....the current plan is to freshen her, then dry her up ASAP, because of the weirdness of her milk the past 2 years. We - make that HE - wants more we need to breed for does. Next year, we'll buy another Alpine buck for outside genetics.). Early November, we'll breed all the Nubians, and Zorra and her daughter. (Her daughter is for sale, but I doubt she'll be gone by then. Might as well see what kind of udder she has.) Then, in late Nov/early Dec., we'll breed the Cashmeres. Yes, that's a LOT of goats....and we'll be overrun next year. :sigh:

But I'll have milk for soap! :bangs head: and :lol:

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