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Previous Entry So tired! Sep. 30th, 2012 @ 11:52 am Next Entry
Busy day yesterday - friends were here until 9. My bedtime is 8. :yawn: Couldn't sleep...mind too busy. So, today is a rest day.

Doesn't help that it's been raining since Friday evening. We NEED the rain, but it makes me sleepy. I'll nap after lunch (I hope, anyway!)

Ended up making 2 batches of soap Friday - 1 to test a new scent: Moonlight Pomegranite. :mmmmm: It was the freebie in my Brambleberry order, and it's yummy! Think I need to order a bottle of that.....it's a nice, soft scent. The other was plain soap, in a new recipe (I'm trying to get away from Soy. No real reason; I just think there's too much Soy in stuff, and I know it can mess with female hormones, so.....I'm trying to perfect something soy-less. This batch...well, it overheated, cracked, then mended itself...but I unmolded it too soon, so it's ugly soap. No biggie - it's a test batch, so looks don't matter. :lol:)

Today I'm rendering beef fat. Yes, I could buy it....but I can get it from the Meat Locker for $2/pound. It's a lot more than that already rendered. I can do the work myself - dump the fat in a stock pot, add same amount of water (pound to pound), add salt, bay leaves, cloves, and vinegar, bring to a boil, then simmer until it's all melted. Just time-consuming.....we'll see how it works. :lol:)

Why? Because tallow (and lard) makes FANTASTIC soap. I won't use lard for religious reasons; yes, I know that the saponification process "eats" the lard, and doesn't (supposedly) leave any of the "pig" behind....but why take that risk? (It's why I started doing melt-n-pour soaps, all those years ago - most commercial soaps use lard. If the label says "sodium laudeate", well...it's pig. Just a FYI.) I don't know if any of it is absorbed...but I choose to not take that risk.

Tallow is the same thing, but from cows...so it's kosher. It makes a rock-hard soap, with decent lather...add coconut, and you have lather out the wazoo. :lol: It's also relatively inexpensive.....so I might as well use it.

Gotta go grab lunch - and then I get to curl up and listen to the rain. :sigh: It's loverly!

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