Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

No soap for you...

or me, because the beer is still perking along in my kitchen. No biggie - I can wait. Besides, I get all the "overflow" (which is about 1/2 my stockpot at the moment) for soap. It's already flat, so I can soap it right away. :rubs hands:

Wrist is OWIE. Trimmed 4 more hooves this AM (2 on 2 goats. :sigh: I'm slow, and can only do 2 before the doe is done eating.) Will try to do the other 4 tonight/tomorrow...but I dunno. My wrist is telling me it's DONE. :sigh:

Herself is making a pop-up book-thingy. I have a plan for it :heh: and told her anything goes, as long as the critters are "silly". She's nailed that....we have a purple winged horse, a blue kelpie, and she's working on a.....raku? Elephant/lion/whatzit. She's got 5 pages planned....we'll see how it turns out. (She picked up a book on pop-up cards last time we hit Half Price, and she's been having a BALL making cards. This is the first "book" - really, it's a bunch of cards where the critters jump thru some of the pages. You can fold it up, or use it as a mobile. Neat!)

Oh. Read an article that a San Antonio-area school district is now requiring ID cards with "smart" chips in them for ALL students. This is so they can track them 24/7. Um. I have a MAJOR problem with this....glad we're no longer partaking. :shudder:

Gotta go start school - later!

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