Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

It's Monday.....

and it's GLORIOUS out there! The sunrise this AM was spectacular; the weather right now is a brisk 77*, and it's gorgeous. We had rain this weekend, and could use more, but I'm not complaining!

De-molded the soaps after milking. The beer soap came out JUST how I imagined it - brown on bottom (thanks to Brown Oxide :wink:) with a "head" of foam (natural colored), and the other batch...well, I didn't take the time to make sure the liner was flush with the tabletop, so the log was....wonky is a kind word. :sigh: Ah, well - this batch goes into the "too ugly to sell/give as gifts" box. No biggie - this batch is in MY favorite scent, so...:heh: (No, I didn't do it deliberately; I had forgotten that this scent ("Invigoration" by Day Star; it's a Lush clone) accelerates like CRAZY. Seriously, I had pre-mixed the oils, gently added the lye solution, mixed it enough to emulsify, added the scent, and BAM! Almost soap on a stick. :blink:)

Quick review: Brambleberry's 5 pound silicone soap mold liners: not bad. Worth $15, but they feel flimsy. De-mold beautifully, but you have to turn them almost inside out to remove the soap log. The sides of the log are PERFECT. At this price, you can afford to purchase a few as back-ups...but I do worry about longevity. Still...$15. For *5 pounds* of soap. Skip their mold, though - the cheapest is $45; for $2.04 yesterday we bought "oops" cuts from HD, and I got 2 5 pound molds and 2 2 pound molds out of it, with wood to spare. (No bottoms on mine, but whatever. I just needed a frame, anyway!)

Nuture Supply Company's silicone log mold liners: $35/each. Holds a 2 pound recipe (FYI: the "2 pounds" is how much OILS/FATS are in the recipe, not the total weight. You still need liquid and lye, but most recipes are stated by the oil weight.) Thicker than the BB one, but still needs a frame/mold to hold it's shape. De-molds BEAUTIFULLY. Easy, too - no manipulation of the mold needed - just gently free the sides, then tap on the bottom and the log slides right out. The sides are like glass - SO smooth! Not cheap, no....but the WSP molds that I've been using (THICK silicone, no frames needed) are about $24 now...and it's VERY hard to unmold (because of the thickness of the silicone.) I'm going to order some more of these soon, because...well, I like doing 2 pound batches, even though it takes more time to build up a supply with them. I like doing experimental batches in a 2 pound size - you don't feel like you've wasted $$ in that small of a batch (and 1 pound batches are harder to get right, because you have less room for mis-weighing.) Plus, I try new scents in the small batches, because you never know what other people will like.

Herself is NAILING Math right now - Geometry. All that Origami has paid off, in a BIG way. :happy dance: Himself is working on his Mid-Term...I'm not too concerned about him. But her? This is big - she's nailing every single problem. :dance:

Today I start exercising again. I have workout DVDs, but my wrist is too buggered right now to do them (bellydance. There's a bit of hand-work in all of them, so...:sigh:) Soon as Himself finishes his problems, we'll go for a walk. I need to get moving....I don't like the way the scales are moving. :sigh: Apparently, wrestling goats down to trim hooves isn't enough of an aerobic workout. :lol: Neither is knitting; even with the screwed-up wrist I've been working on a project for Penny - she needs a sweater. And I have a Paton's book with dog sweaters......I think she's the perfect type to wear the "Dogasaurs Rex" sweater. :grin: (Photos will be forthcoming, soon as I finish. Suffice to say: lime green with neon orange, day-glo pink, and lemon yellow spots and spikes. :lol:) It'll take a while longer - I'm decreasing the back now, and need about 8" or so before I can start the ribbing. Then I have to knit the spikes.....:lol:

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