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Today is blah.... - Random babblings of a fiber-obsessed nutcase

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Previous Entry Today is blah.... Oct. 16th, 2012 @ 09:57 am Next Entry
Overcast, humid and...well, dark. Good day to curl up with a book, or snooze. Too bad I can't do either. :sigh:

HOMESCHOOL deal of the day: IF you like DVD courses, and IF you're willing to buy them, go to The Great Courses. For today only (this time :wink:) they have a TON of their courses on sale for $60 or LESS. If you need a code thingy, my email said "72328".....I gotta tell you, they run sales all the time, but this time they put "How to Look at and Understand Great Art" in for $59.95. I've been getting their sales for...2 years or so, now, and I've NEVER seen that one under $99. Even on eBay. :happy dance: (SG got paid yesterday, and he transferred $$ over so I could order this. It's the "last" course I want. :happy dance:) If you prefer instant gratification, the streaming version is also $59.95 - you save $10 in shipping (I went with the DVDs, so that we can play them anywhere. Yeah, I have to wait, and yeah, I spent $10 more...but that's OK. I prefer hard copies to Cloud storage. I'm just weird like that.)(I like their stuff. We have....quite a few, most bought on eBay, and so far they've all been hits. Meteorology is a bit dry, but still watchable; the High School History set is FANTASTIC. I do recommend them; just try to not pay too much for them.)

Spent most of the night coming up with soap ideas. I think I need to step back a bit...:lol: I only have so much room....but we'll see. I still have a half-gallon of homebrew to use....:rubs hands:

PERSONAL: On another blog I frequent, we were talking about how some of our spouses don't take the Spiritual stuff as seriously as they should. Nagging was suggested......and, OK, I do nag. But it doesn't work here. What *does* work (for us, your mileage may vary!) is for me to nag for a couple of weeks, then dropping it. About 1x/month, or so, I casually mention it again......then I just start in. I guarantee that my husband will, at that point, decide to do it on his own, and then he'll start nagging ME to do it as a family. (Case in point: TorahClass: Genesis. I didn't plan it this way, but last week was our start point (because I was tired of him putting it off.) Monday was a Holiday, so, as usual in these circumstances, I scheduled school for Sunday. Which was the Introduction. SG did his "normal" thing...he sat in the living room while we schooled at the kitchen table....only, as I started reading, I noticed him moving closer. Ended up, he was "cleaning" the (already spotless) cooktop while the kids and I had a lively discussion about what I was reading. :evil grin: And then Friday, during our Torah reading, the kids kept bringing up stuff they'd learned during the week (Gen. 1; the Torah portion was Gen. 1-6. Ah, well....I want to go slow enough that stuff is retained.)....and lo and behold, yesterday he took the extra Textbook (I printed off 2) to work with him to study. :lol: Give it a few weeks, and he'll be asking ME to schedule it as a daily family thing.

Slow? Yes. But....with him, this is how I have to do it. Nagging will turn him OFF it, and it'll NEVER get done. (See: soap molds. He's finally - FINALLY - started planning to build his router table, which is apparently step 1 in making MY soap molds, because we all know they MUST be routered, right? :whatever: It's only been.....6 months. Or so. But the pressure was on, because I had 5 liners that needed molds. :heh:)

I know that's not the ideal situation, but I work with what I have. It took....8 months before he started doing the Shabbat blessings Friday evenings. Baby steps.......at least he IS trying.

Gotta skitter - have work to do. And Science to check.

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