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I have been thinking about the best way to get rid of market all these soaps that are currently taking up space in the Studio. In y'all's very important opinions, which should I do:

1. Use my Etsy shop

2. Set up a FREE website using weebly

On both, I'll have Paypal fees, but you really can't get away from them if you want to accept online payments (even if you use someone else, you'll pay fees, and Paypal is the most common). Etsy charges a listing fee and a percentage of sales. (So does eBay, which is why I'm not considering them.) Weebly offers both Free and Paid sites - and the free ones have shopping carts, blogs, photo hosting....it looks good, and a lot of soapers have gone this route. Etsy is more well-known, and people will "find" me if they just search for "soap". But - Etsy is limited to handmade things or supplies....so if we wanted to list..goats, for example, we couldn't do that (I use CraigsList for them; it was just an example. :grin:)

Yes, I have a website already, but....I can't figure out how to add a shopping cart to it. :sad: I've tried...and given up.

Opinions, please. I will admit that I am leaning towards weebly, simply because I don't like paying fees....but. I am open to opinions/other suggestions.


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