Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Still overcast....

Hope it rains. We need it...and the barometric pressure is giving me a headache. I love the light - so soft and misty!

SG did his "photo shoot" yesterday, and took a TON of photos. Now he has to go thru and edit's not enough to take the photos, you need to "prettify" them, too. :snicker:'s just soap! Still....what I saw of them look good.

Today we had a LONG TorahClass. We are in Gen. 3, talking about the serpent. What the Bible actually SAYS about it is that "it was different from the creatures ADONAI, God, created".....NOT that it was "different from the other creatures". That puts a whole new spin on snakes - and we had a long discussion about whether or not God created snakes, or if He simply went with the Adversary's "creation".......and about how the Adversary created "non-life".....even though snakes are alive now. (Or...are they? Do they have the Breath of Life in them, like God's creations do? Interesting point to ponder, no?) I had to cut it short so we could move on to the other subjects; we'll pick it back up again tomorrow.

There's 5 gallons of Heather Ale plurking away on my island, so no soaping for now. :shrug: 'sAlright - I've got a few more batches planned, but there's no rush. (I want to make a large batch of the lovely, pretty Sandalwood, and I need to get some gifts made up. Herself wants to give Papaw some soap for Giftmas. Need to get on that now, so they'll be ready in time.)

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