Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

"Living the Bible"

Ali posted something earlier about a woman who is going thru the Bible, and "living" it. It seems like a rip-off of the guy who wrote "A Year of Living Biblically" a few years ago.....anyway, she was on Good Morning America this morning (or was supposed to be - we didn't watch it.)

I was seems to me that this is an effort by the Adversary to make the Bible look....silly. Unimportant. Because...if you just start in Genesis and "live" by what it says, it looks pretty bizarre. Especially when you do it willy-nilly...the way the author did (and the way it appears that this lady is doing.)

I mean....why now? Why, in trying to live a Biblical life (which IS possible, and it's possible to do it without looking as odd as these 2 people do.), do you do things a) publicly (by this I mean, with media attention) and b) by changing some things so that it's *totally* bizarre-looking to even Bible-believers?

(The author did some really bizarre things - he took the verses in Deut. about "bind this on your hand", which is where tefillin comes from), but instead of binding the VERSES on his hand, he tied a wad of cash. :scratches head: (And....most non-Jewish scholars say that this section is poetic language. I don't know enough to know if this interpretation is correct or not - but I do know that CASH wasn't what was meant here!)

It's just....something I'm pondering today. Because it feels "off", the way these 2 are going at it.....(probably because they've removed God from the equation.)

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