Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness (fiberaddict) wrote,
Sister Sword of Desirable Mindfulness

Thankful Thursday....

This was a hard week......but first, a confession. My math was off yesterday - the soap boxes are $0.20/each, not $0.05/each. (And yeah - I'm teaching Algebra II! :whee!: :snicker:) Still cheaper than the cigar bands.

I made 2 batches of soap Tuesday....the chocolate batch (2 pounds) came out GORGEOUSLY. The 5 pound batch of a big FAIL. I am VERY thankful that Yah was watching out for my poor, stupid self, because a) the impressionistic swirl doesn't work in large batches (the soap set up LONG before we - Herself helped - got all the layers in and b) raw soap is HOT. :Sigh: I decided to use the condiment bottles, because I thought it would go faster...the lid fell off, splattering raw soap *everywhere*; I don't wear gloves (yes, I should, but I can't) because I have enough tactile loss without them, and I have a greater chance of dropping things with them on.....I got raw soap all over both arms. Yah is good, though - no burns, just a hot spot. (And....that batch is a big batch of FAIL soap. I cut it yesterday; the swirls look good, but it's bleeding the fragrance oil. Not sure WHAT happened, but...we have a batch of Sandalwood soap for house-use, now. Doesn't smell...and it has weird pockets, but there's no zap, so it's safe...I just can't sell it. Ah, well...lesson learned. This swirl needs to be done in small batches.)

I'm also thankful that I have some income.....SG has gotten himself into a bind again, but - Thank Yah! - I have *just* enough left after bills to pick up most of the slack. It means I don't have any "fun" money, but hey - at least we'll have critter feed. (And the fun money wasn't needed, really, anyway. I have the kids' Hanukkah prezzies, which is the "important" thing. We're good!)

And I'm thankful for my kids - they are getting better about picking up the slack. Herself jumped in to help me with the soap Tuesday (and wants to help me re-do the batch.); Himself has been happy to jump in and help take strain off my wrist. And *both* of them are happy to dive into the new school stuff.....

I need to go do a quick price-check on Cydectin - I need it. And it's $80 at TSC...surely I can find it cheaper (even with shipping, maybe?)

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