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what happened to Fall? Because...we went from 80* to 48* in 24 hours.'s not supposed to get above 57* today, with freezing temps through Monday, at least. :scratches head: Yeah, Texas has bizarre weather...but we also usually have a Fall. Not this year, though....

Yesterday was interesting. I bought feed, then stopped at the outlet mall to try and get myself a lab coat (needed for soaping - I'm tired of my shirts all having oil stains!) The girl there was bored, and extremely interested in a) WHY I needed a lab coat and b) the fact I MAKE soap. Oh. My. Gosh - you can DO that? I mean.....she proceeds to tell me she's bought 1 bar of hand-made soap, because it was $20/bar (WHERE???? Because...anything over $5/bar just doesn't sell here!) but it was great, and she wants more but can't afford it....and, Oh WOW - you homeschool? And and and....:sigh: and :lol:

Stopped at the Meat Locker and stocked up.....and was told to come back next week to get the "good" roasts. :lol:

Had lunch with my mother..that was cool.

Then I made 6 batches of soap. 1 "Plain Jane" (GM, no colorants or scents); the rest were beer soap with hops added. I tried something new - I made 1 large batch, for the 5 pound mold, then I made another large batch and split it to fit in 2 of my smaller molds. Worked great, and went faster than mixing 2 separate batches. So I did it again for the last 2. All the wort is now used up, and I have lots of beer soap almost ready to cut. I think I'll do that from now on (except for experimental batches) - it's a lot easier to measure once and pour into 2 molds. (And I can still do different colors/scents; just separate it at light trace, and go from there.)

Oh! I have some links for you:

The Kentucky Dept of Ed. has a website chock full of free stuff for educators. Haven't poked around it a lot, but there's a bunch of Spanish videos here.

The University of Oklahoma has put a bunch of Civics courses up for FREE. We'll be doing these, I think.

And last - but not least - Long Beach City College has a bunch of videos about note taking etc up on YouTube. This is the link to the first one - it looks really, really good. And it's FREE.

Hope they can help someone!

Shalom Shabbat - may your day tomorrow be Blessed!

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